Film Details

Release Date: 16 Dec 1987
Duration (in mins): 102
Cher (Loretta Castorini)
Nicolas Cage (Ronnie Cammareri)
Vincent Gardenia (Cosmo Castorini)
Olympia Dukakis (Rose Castorini)
Danny Aiello (Mr Johnny Cammareri)
Norman Jewison
John Patrick Shanley
Patrick Palmer
Norman Jewison
MGM Distribution Company
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM)
When there's a full moon over Brooklyn, anything can happen, and everything happens in the neighborhood where widowed bookkeeper Loretta Castorini lives. First, Loretta agrees to marry a man she does not love, Johnny Cammareri, simply because he knows how to propose properly. Before the wedding can take place, Cammareri must visit his dying mother in Sicily. In his absence, Loretta is supposed to try to patch up the differences between Johnny and his brother, bakery operator Ronny Cammareri. Having never forgiven Johnny for indirectly causing the accident that crippled him, Ronny flies into a rage whenever his brother's name is mentioned. He does, however, fall for Loretta like a ton of bricks. After a torrid affair, Loretta tries to avoid Ronny out of respect to Johnny, but he's just too fascinating to resist. Meanwhile, Loretta's father is fooling around with his mistress Mona, while Loretta's mother is wooed by a college professor. These brief flings are forgiven and forgotten, but there's still the delicate situation of Loretta being in love with her future brother-in-law.