Film Details

Release Date: 3 Mar 1939
Duration (in mins): 95-96
Claire Trevor (Dallas)
John Wayne (Ringo Kid)
Andy Devine (Buck)
John Carradine (Hatfield)
Thomas Mitchell (Doc [Josiah] Boone)
Louise Platt (Lucy Mallory)
George Bancroft ([Marshal] Curley [Wilcox])
Donald Meek (Peacock)
Berton Churchill (Gatewood)
Tim Holt (Lieutenant [Blanchard])
Tom Tyler (Luke Plummer)
Chris Martin (Chris)
Cornelius Keefe (Captain Whitney)
Elvira Rios (Yakeema)
Francis Ford (Sgt. Billy Pickett)
Florence Lake (Mrs. Nancy Whitney)
Marga Ann Daighton (Mrs. Pickett)
Walter McGrail (Captain Sickle)
Paul McVey (Express agent)
Brenda Fowler (Mrs. Gatewood)
Big Tree (Indian scout)
Yakima Canutt (Cavalry scout)
White Horse (Indian leader)
Bryant Washburn (Cavalry captain)
Duke Lee (Lordsburg sheriff)
Kent Odell (Billy Pickett, Jr.)
Harry Tenbrook (Telegrapher)
Jack Pennick (Bartender)
Louis Mason (Sheriff)
Joe Rickson (Ike Plummer)
Nora Cecil (Boone's landlady)
Mary Kathleen Walker (Lucy's baby)
William Hopper (Cavalry Sergeant)
Ed Brady (Saloon keeper)
Vester Pegg (Hank Plummer)
Buddy Roosevelt (Rancher)
Bill Cody (Rancher)
Theodore Lorch (Express agent)
Robert Homans (Editor)
Si Jenks (Bartender)
Jim Mason (Jim)
Franklyn Farnum (Deputy)
Merrill McCormick (Ogler)
Artie Ortego (Barfly)
Jack Curtis (Bartender)
Helen Gibson (Dance hall girl)
Dorothy Appleby (Dance hall girl)
Steve Clemente
Fritzi Brunette
Leonard Trainor
Chris Phillips
Tex Driscoll
Teddy Billings
John Eckert
Al Lee
Jack Mohr
Patsy Doyle
Winnie Browne
Margaret Smith
John Ford (Dir)
Wingate Smith (Asst dir)
Lowell Farrell (Asst dir)
Dudley Nichols (Scr)
Walter Wanger
United Artists Corp.
Walter Wanger Productions, Inc.
In 1855, the Overland stage from Tonto to Lordsburg leaves town with eight people on board. In the front, sit Buck the driver and Marshal Curley Wilcox, who is riding shotgun to protect the stage from hostile Indians and from the Plummer brothers, a vicious band of outlaws. The passengers consist of Doc Josiah Boone, the town drunk; Dallas, a woman of ill repute, who, like Doc, has been banished from town; the pregnant Lucy Mallory, who is taking the stage to meet her husband, a cavalry officer, and is treated gallantly by her fellow passenger, Hatfield, a gambler; Gatewood, the town's sanctimonious banker who mouths respectability while clutching a carpet bag filled with stolen money; and Peacock, a timid whiskey drummer. Because of an Apache uprising by Geronimo, the cavalry escorts the coach to the first station at Dry Fork.

Along the way, Buck stops to pick up the Ringo Kid, who has escaped from prison to seek revenge on the Plummers, who killed his family and sent him to jail on false testimony. After Curley arrests Ringo, the stage continues on to Dry Fork, where they discover that there are no troops to escort them farther. Voting to continue on alone, they reach the next stop, where their journey is delayed when Mrs. Mallory, learning that her husband has been wounded, goes into premature labor. Doc sobers up to deliver the baby, and as they await Mrs. Mallory's recovery, Dallas and Ringo fall in love and Dallas urges Ringo to escape. Ringo is on the verge of leaving when he sees Apache war signals, and the passengers hastily board the stage to make a desperate dash to Lordsburg. Just as they think the danger has passed, the Apaches attack at a dry lake bed, wounding Peacock and Buck and killing Hatfield. At the last minute, the cavalry rides to the rescue and escorts the stage to Lordsburg, where Gatewood is arrested for embezzlement. There, Curley grants Ringo his freedom so that he can avenge the murder of his family, and after gunning down the Plummers, Ringo and Dallas ride off into the night to begin life anew at his ranch across the border.