Dominican Republic

ANNA'S STRUGGLE [La lucha de ana]

Life isn't easy for Anna: she ekes out a living selling flowers at the local market, providing for her only son and light of her life, Amaurys. But when he gets caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, Anna will have to take on a corrupt judicial system and an apathetic society in order to bring Amaurys' murderer to justice. A gut-wrenching melodrama featuring an incredible central performance by sitcom actress Cheddy García. Official Selection, 2012 Chicago and New York Latino Film Festivals.

DIR/SCR/PROD Bladimir Abud; SCR Alfonso Suárez. Dominican Republic/Mexico, 2011, color, 90 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. Digital presentation. NOT RATED V D

No passes accepted.

Fri, Oct 5, 9:45; Sun, Oct 7, 9:00

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