BEAUTY [Nosilatiaj. La belleza]

With rare insight into the underrepresented Wichí community in northern Argentina, Daniela Seggiaro's delicately observed film tells the story of Yolanda, a silently suffering maid working for a large and demanding family. As they prepare for a huge quinceañera celebration, her employers insist that she get a makeover, forcing her to cut off her flowing black hair —the pride of Wichí women. Seeking escape from this humiliation, Yolanda retreats into fonder memories from her childhood. Official Selection, 2012 Berlinale and Seattle Film Festival.

DIR/ SCR Daniela Seggiaro; PROD Alvaro Urtizberea. Argentina, 2012, color, 83 min. In Spanish and Wichí Lhamtés Vejoz with English subtitles. NOT RATED L

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Sat, Sep 29, 5:10; Mon, Oct 1, 7:20

Official Trailer

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