THE SQUAD [El páramo]

High in the foggy mountains of the Colombian Andes, a nine-man military squad makes its way to an outpost under siege by guerrillas. Reaching their destination, the squad finds just a few bloody corpses and one mysterious survivor, a mute woman. Setting up camp, strange goings-on and unexplained phenomena rattle the troops, turning one against another as paranoia runs high and latent prejudices boil over. Claustrophobic and ferociously tense, this stylish horror/thriller backs its genre thrills with allegorical undertones. Official Selection, 2011 Sitges Film Festival, Fantastic Fest; 2012 Palm Springs, Seattle Film Festivals.

DIR/SCR Jaime Osorio Márquez; SCR Diego Vivanco; PROD Federico Durán. Colombia/Argentina/Spain, 2011, color, 107 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED V L

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Fri, Sep 28, 11:45; Sat, Sep 29, 11:45

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