Filmmaker Media Guide

This page summarizes how you can use free social media to promote your independent film before, during and after your film's festival run.

We strongly recommend you use all of the below:


Learn how to create a Facebook page for your film here.

Update Facebook from your mobile device, download the Facebook app here.

Be sure to post an interesting still as your Profile Photo, and take advantage of the Timeline Cover Photo area to post a large engaging photo.

Profile Picture and Timeline Dimensions are as follows:


  • "Like" other Facebook pages. A few recommendations are at the bottom of this page.
  • Tell your friends to "Like" your film's Facebook page.
  • Update your film's status regularly, just like you would for your own account. Post news, reminders, photos, clips, trailers and press coverage of your film to get people excited for your AFI DOCS screening.
    • Don't forget to tag AFI DOCS when you mention us in your status! You can do this by typing @AFI DOCS in your status and selecting our page from the list that appears. If AFI DOCS doesn't appear, you need to first 'Like' our page and then go back to your page and try again.
  • Create an Event for your film's AFI DOCS screening. To do this:
    • Go to your page and click on Events.
    • Click '+ Create Event' in the top right corner.
    • Fill in all the details about your screening (including the direct link to your movie on the AFI DOCS online film guide) and upload a picture.
    • Then, follow the prompts and invite your friends.

Examples of film Facebook pages:

Recommended Facebook pages to "Like":


Learn how to create a Twitter account for your film here. Be sure to include a still from your movie for your icon and/or background.

Download the Twitter app for your mobile device here.


  • 'Follow' other Twitter accounts. A few recommendations are on the bottom of this page. You can also include links (we recommend the TINY URL website to shorten links) .
  • Post updates regularly. Each 'Tweet' has to be less than 140 characters. You can also include links and 'mention' other people.
    • Be sure to 'mention' AFI DOCS any time you Tweet about your screening by typing @afidocs. Also include the hashtag #afidocs for any Tweets relating to the festival.
    • Tweet, retweet and follow up — engage your audiences as much as possible. Don't be entirely self-promotional, get involved in other conversations as well.

AFI DOCS and Staff Twitter Accounts:

Recommended Twitter pages to 'Follow':


Create a YouTube channel for your film here. We recommend using the Channel Customization Tools to create a custom background with film info, etc. Then:

  • Post your film trailers and clips. When logged in, click "Upload Video," and put in the appropriate title, description and website for your film.
  • 'Subscribe' to other YouTube channels. A few recommendations are on the bottom of this page.

Examples of film YouTube channels:

Recommended YouTube channels to 'Subscribe' to:


Create a Tumblr blog and connect with us, and your fans and fellow filmmakers!

Example of film Tumblr blog:

Recommended Tumblr blogs to follow:

Write about your festival experiences, plus it's easy to update from a mobile device, share photos, post videos, create groups and link all your social media accounts.



Follow our Instagram feed and tag us with @afidocs or #afidocs in your AFI DOCS related pics!


Pinterest in a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share images from all over the web. Follow our boards and create your own related to your film and the festival experience.

Ways to "Check-In"


If you are someone who likes to "Check-in" to venues via a mobile device, we encourage you to do so during AFI DOCS!

How It Works: All of our smart phones and mobile devices contain GPS tracking. Based on your location, applications like Facebook, Foursquare and GetGlue suggest nearby venues that allow you to "check-in."

Checking-in is a great way to spread the word about your screenings and the screenings you attend during FEST, and some services, like Foursquare and GetGlue, allow you to earn "badges" and "stickers" that come with special perks, such as discounts and freebies.

GetGlue: GetGlue is an entertainment check-in service similar to Foursquare that allows users to check-in to a broader range of activities, such as watching a movie or TV show, listening to music, playing a game, reading a book or even simply "thinking about" a topic. As you check-in to various activities, you earn "stickers" and once you earn 20, GetGlue will mail them to you free of charge.

All of these services have free apps that can be downloaded to your smart phone or mobile device. We encourage you to do so now and join in the fun!

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