Located in the filmmaking-making capital of the world, AFI's campus is nestled in the hills overlooking Hollywood. The AFI Conservatory's woodsy and intimate eight-acre campus is close to the heart of the professional filmmaking community, with easy access to studios, networks and numerous post-production facilities.

The AFI Conservatory offers a Master of Fine Arts* degree in six disciplines: Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design and Screenwriting. Accomplished professionals serve as mentors and Faculty to Fellows in mastering their chosen disciplines. Led by a Senior Filmmaker-in-Residence, the faculty works intensively with Fellows in a sophisticated curriculum designed for talented individuals with a clear passion for storytelling. All classes and workshops are small in size to maximize the mentor relationships.

Unlike traditional graduate film programs, the AFI Conservatory uses hands-on collaboration as its primary teaching tool, providing an experience mirroring the real-world professional filmmaking environment in which Fellows from all disciplines collaborate to tell their stories and fulfill their vision. While classroom exercises are valuable, the Conservatory puts more emphasis on fully planned and realized production than any other graduate film programs. AFI Conservatory Fellows collectively produce more than 120 short narrative productions each year.

* An applicant without an undergraduate degree will be considered for acceptance as an Associate Fellow. Associate Fellows who successfully complete the requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion, finishing the same curriculum as the degree programs.

AFI Conservatory Mission Statement

The Conservatory at the American Film Institute identifies and serves future leaders in the art of motion pictures. As an institution with the mission of educating storytellers, we seek those who have stories to tell and whose language of choice is motion pictures.

The Conservatory is committed to the idea that motion pictures are a major influence on both our culture and society. While teaching the craft of making motion pictures to cinematographers, directors, editors, production designers, producers and screenwriters, the Conservatory is dedicated to the art that each discipline serves — the art of storytelling.

AFI Conservatory Core Values: We expect leadership, initiative, integrity and the communication necessary for successful collaboration in a professional environment. By means of these core values, the Conservatory inspires each Fellow to discover an authentic voice.

AFI Conservatory Objectives:

  • To examine the origins and techniques of storytelling.
  • To graduate Fellows fully equipped to meet the highest professional standards of their discipline.
  • To graduate Fellows with a deep appreciation and understanding of the art of motion pictures.

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