AFI Writers' Room Ready is a program whose mission is to cultivate the next generation of television scriptwriters by giving graduating Fellows an opportunity to work directly with established artists.

AFI Writers' Room Ready highlights select original scripts from the year's graduating Screenwriting class at AFI by pairing top writers with accomplished AFI alumni mentors from the industry.

Twenty AFI Conservatory Fellows submitted their original pilot scripts last fall to be reviewed by a panel of working alumni. The four selected Class of 2015 Screenwriters for the first AFI Writers' Room Ready will be celebrated at a reception on Monday, March 14, at 7:00 p.m. on the AFI Campus.

The Class of 2015 recipients, their projects and AFI mentors, are:

Winner: Brennan Elizabeth Peters (AFI Class of 2015), "The Empress"
Mentor: Raelle Tucker (AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women, Class of 2003)

Winner: Tegan Shohet (AFI Class of 2015), "Paperhanger"
Mentor: Mikkel Bondesen (AFI Class of 1998)

Winner: Andy Siara (AFI Class of 2015), "Life After Punk"
Mentor: Alex Herschlag (AFI Television Writing Workshop, Class of 1989)

Winner: Christina Strain (AFI Class of 2015), "The Fox Sister"
Mentor: Norberto Barba (AFI Class of 1990)