The Films of Martin Scorsese It's Not Just You, Murray

It's Not Just You, Murray! (1964)

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Oblivious to the truth, Murray, a small-time criminal, credits his best friend Joe with his success, even though Joe exploits him and is having an affair with his wife.

Director: Martin Scorsese
Producer: New York University Department of Television, Motion Picture and Radio Presentations
Screenplay: Martin Scorsese, Mardik Martin
Cinematography (black and white): Richard H. Coll
Editor: Eli F. Bleich
Music: Richard H. Coll
Production designers: Lancelot Braithwaite, Victor Magnotta

Cast: Ira Rubin (Murray), Andrea Martin (wife), Sam De Fazio (Joe), Robert Uricola (singer), Catherine Scorsese (mother), Victor Magnotta, Richard Sweeton, Mardik Martin, John Bivona, Bernard Weisberger

15 mins.