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Boxcar Bertha (1972)

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In the Depression-era South, a young woman, Bertha Thompson, takes to the road after her father's death and hooks up with controversial union man Big Bill Shelley. On the run from union busters, the couple is forced into a life of crime, joined by professional gambler Rake Brown. Hunted by the police, Shelley is captured, Brown is killed, and Bertha falls into prostitution. Eventually, Bertha and Shelley are reunited, but only just before Shelley is crucified on a boxcar.

Production company: American International Pictures
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producer: Roger Corman
Screenplay: Joyce H. Corrington and John William Corrington, based on Sister of the Road by Bertha Thompson, as told to Ben L. Reitman
Cinematography (color): John Stephens
Music: Gib Guilbeau and Thad Maxwell
Visual consultant: David Nichols

Cast: Barbara Hershey (Bertha), David Carradine (Bill Shelley), Barry Primus (Rake Brown), Bernie Casey (Von Morton), John Carradine (H. Buckram Sartoris), David R. Osterhout and Victor Argo (the McIvers), Grahame Pratt (Emeric Pressburger), 'Chicken' Holleman (Michael Powell), Marianne Dole (Mrs Mailer), Harry Northup (Harvey Hall), Doyle Hall (dice player), Joe Reynolds (Joe), Martin Scorsese and Gayne Rescher (clients in brothel)

88 mins.