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Mean Streets (1973)

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Charlie is in a dilemma: He's tempted by the vice that surrounds him in the streets of Little Italy and aspires to be a big shot protection racketeer like his Uncle Giovanni, but he also wants to be purged of his sins. He tries to seek penance in what he sees as something more concrete than Church ritual, the attempted salvation of his friend Johnny Boy, a troublemaker with an explosives hobby. This is done at the risk of complicating his relationship with his mentor uncle, who opposes such an alliance, as well as Charlie's romance with Teresa, Johnny Boy's epileptic cousin. When Johnny Boy gets into debt with a local gangster, Michael, Charlie tries to help Johnny Boy. But Johnny Boy pushes Michael too far. Michael hires a hitman, and when Charlie, Johnny Boy, and Teresa try to escape to Brooklyn, their car crashes into a wall.

Production company: Warner Bros.
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producer: Jonathan T. Taplin
Executive producer: E. Lee Perry
Screenplay: Martin Scorsese, Mardik Martin
Cinematography (color): Kent Wakeford
Editor: Sid Levin
Visual consultant: David Nichols

Cast: Harvey Keitel (Charlie), Robert De Niro (Johnny Boy), David Proval (Tony), Amy Robinson (Teresa), Richard Romanus (Michael), Cesare Danova (Giovanni), George Memmoli (Joey Catucci), Victor Argo (Mario), Lenny Scaletta (Jimmy), Murray Moston (Oscar), David Carradine (drunk), Robert Carradine (assassin), Jeannie Bell (Diane), Lois Walden (girl at bar), D'Mitch Davis (black cop), Dino Seragusa (old man), Julie Andelman (girl at party), Peter Fain (George), Harry Northup (soldier), Robert Wilder (Benton), Jaime Alba (first young boy), Ken Konstantin (second young boy), Nicki 'Ack' Aquilino (man on docks), Catherine Scorsese (woman on landing), Ken Sinclair (Sammy), B. Mitchell Reed (disc jockey), Martin Scorsese (Shorty, Michael's hired killer), Barbara Weintraub (Heather Weintraub), Ron Satloff (Carl), Anna Uricola (neighbour at window)

110 mins.