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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974)

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When Alice Hyatt's husband suddenly dies, she takes to the road in her station wagon with her 11-year-old son to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a singer. Travelling from New Mexico to Arizona, she gets a job singing in a bar, but escapes when she sees her cowboy lover abuse his wife. Moving on, she ends up waiting tables in a diner, where she befriends two other waitress, sharp-tongued Flo and spacy Vera. Soon she meets David, a rancher who eventually proposes to her. She agrees to marry him, but only after he accepts her dreams of becoming a singer.

Production company: Warner Bros.
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: David Susskind, Audrey Maas
Associate producer: Sandra Weintraub
Screenplay: Robert Getchell
Cinematography (color): Kent Wakeford
Editor: Marcia Lucas
Music: Richard La Salle
Production designer: Toby Rafelson

Cast: Ellen Burstyn (Alice Hyatt), Kris Kristofferson (David), Alfred Lutter (Tommy), Diane Ladd (Flo), Billy Green Bush (Donald), Vic Tayback (Mel), Jodie Foster (Audrey), Harvey Keitel (Ben), Lelia Goldoni (Bea), Lane Bradbury (Rita), Valerie Curtin (Vera), Harry Northup (bartender), Murray Moston (Jacobs), Mia Bendixsen (Alice at age eight), Ola Moore (old woman), Dean Casper (Chicken), Henry M. Kendrick (shop assistant), Martin Brinton (Lenny), Mardik Martin (customer in club), Martin Scorsese and Larry Cohen (patrons at the diner)

112 mins.