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Taxi Driver (1975)

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Loner Travis Bickle, a Vietnam veteran disgusted with the corruption and filth he finds around him in the streets of New York, takes a job as a taxi driver to escape his insomnia. He becomes obsessed with Betsy, a young woman working on the election campaign of presidential candidate Charles Palantine. When he takes her to a porno theather on a date, she is horrified, and any hopes of a romance with her are dashed. He then meets Iris, a teenage prostitute, and becomes intent on rescuing her from the streets. After an abortive attempt to assassinate Palantine, he shoots and kills Iris' pimp, Sport, and several other pimps. As a result, Travis is hailed by the press as a hero, and Iris goes home to her family.

Production company: Columbia Pictures
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Michael Phillips, Julia Phillips
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography (color): Michael Chapman
Editors: Marcia Lucas, Tom Rolf, Melvin Shapiro
Music: Bernard Herrmann
Visual consultant: David Nichols

Cast: Robert De Niro (Travis Bickle), Jodie Foster (Iris), Cybill Shepherd (Betsy), Harvey Keitel (Sport/Matthew), Steven Prince (Andy, the gun salesman), Albert Brooks (Tom), Peter Boyle (Wizard), Leonard Harris (Charles Palantine), Diahnne Abbott (woman at concession stand), Frank Adu (angry man), Richard Higgs (Secret Service agent), Gino Ardito (policeman at rally), Garth Avery (Iris's companion), Copper Cunningham (prostitute in cab), Harry Fischler (cab dispatcher), Harry Cohn (cabbie in cafeteria), Brenda Dickson (woman on soap opera), Nat Grant (stick-up man), Robert Martoff (mafioso), Beau Kayser (man on soap opera), Victor Magnotta (Secret Service photographer), Norman Matlock (Charlie T.), Murray Moston (caretaker at Iris's apartment), Harry Northup (soldier), Bill Minkin (Tom's assistant), Gene Palma (street drummer), Peter Savage (the john), Robert Shields (Palantine aide), Robin Utt (campaign worker), Joe Spinell (personnel officer), Maria Turner (angry prostitute on street), Carey Poe (campaign worker), Ralph Singleton (television interviewer), Martin Scorsese (man watching silhouette)

113 mins.