The Films of Martin Scorsese NEW YORK, NEW YORK

New York, New York (1977)

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Francine Evans, a singer, and Jimmy Doyle, a saxophone player, begin a tumultuous love affair on VJ day. When Francine gets a gig with a touring Big Band, Jimmy finds her on the road and secures a place for himself in the band. Then, at Jimmy's insistence, the couple impetuously gets married. Jimmy eventually takes over the band, which continues to do well because of Francine' s singing. But when Francine becomes pregnant, she decides to take a break from touring, and the act loses bookings. While still pregnant, Francine gets a record deal, and Jimmy can't hold his jealous temper; he instigates a fight that spurs her into labor. After Francine gives birth, he leaves her. The story picks up several years later, when Francine is a successful film star and Jimmy a jazz club owner.

Production company: United Artists
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Irwin Winkler, Robert Chartoff
Scrcenplay: Earl Mac Rauch, Mardik Martin
Cinematography (color): Laszlo Kovacs
Editors: Irving Lerner, Marcia Lucas
Music and songs: John Kander, Fred Ebb
Production designer: Boris Leven

Cast: Robert De Niro (Jimmy Doyle), Liza Minnelli (Francine Evans), Lionel Stander (Tony Harwell), Barry Primus (Paul Wilson), Mary Kay Place (Bernice), Georgie Auld (Frankie Harte), George Memmoli (Nicky), Dick Miller (Palm Club owner), Murray Moston (Horace Morris), Lenny Gaines (Artie Kirks), Clarence Clemons (Cecil Powell), Kathy McGinnis (Ellen Flannery), Norman Palmer (desk clerk), Adam David Winkler (Jimmy Doyle, Jr.), Dimitri Logothetis (desk clerk), Frank Silvera (Eddie di Muzio), Diahnne Abbott (Harlem Club singer), Margo Winkler (argumentative woman), Steven Prince (record producer), Don Calfa (Gilbert), Bernie Ruby (justice of the peace), Selma Archecrd (wife of justice of the peace), Bill Baldwin (announcer in Moonlight Terrace), Mary Lindsay (hat-check girl in Meadows), Jon Cutler (musician In Frankie Harte's band), Nicky Blair (cab driver), Casey Kasem (DJ), Jay Salerno (bus driver), William Tole (Tommy Dorsey), Sydney Guilaroff (hairdresser), Peter Savage (Horace Morris's assistant), Gene Castle (dancing sailor), Louie Guss (Fowler), Shera Danese (Doyle's girl in Major Chord), Bill McMillan (DJ), David Nichols (Arnold Trench), Harry Northup (Alabama)

Original release version, 136 mins.; re-release version, 163 mins.