The Films of Martin Scorsese AFTER HOURS

After Hours (1985)

Heading down to SoHo for a possible romance with a woman he meets in a coffee shop, quiet word processor Paul Hacket is met with his first disaster of the night when his money flies out of the taxi window. From there, it's an endless string of encounters with off-beat locals (psychotics, criminals, an angry mob led by a woman driving a Mister Softee truck) which suck him into the vortex and make his intentions of returning home less and less of a reality.

Production company: Double Play/The Geffen Company
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Amy Robinson, Griffin Dunne, Robert Colesberry
Screenplay: Joseph Minion
Cinematography (color): Michael Ballhaus
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Music: Howard Shore
Production designer: Jeffrey Townsend

Cast: Griffin Dunne (Paul Hackett), Rosanna Arquette (Marcy), Verna Bloom (June), Thomas Chong (Pepe), Linda Fiorentino (Kiki), Teri Garr (Julie), John Heard (Tom, the bartender), Cheech Marin (Neil), Catherine O'Hara (Gail), Dick Miller (waiter), Will Patton (Horst), Robert Plunket (Mark), Bronson Pinchot (Lloyd), Rocco Sisto (coffee- shop cashier), Larry Block (taxi driver), Victor Argo (dinner cashier), Murray Moston (subway attendant), John P. Codiglia (transit cop), Clarke Evans (first neighbour), Victor Bumbalo (second neighbour), Bill Elvermann (third neighbour), Joel Jason (first biker), Clarence Felder (bouncer), Henry Baker (Jett), Margo Winkler (women with gun), Robin Johnson (punk girl), Stephen J. Lim (Club Berlin bartender), Frank Aquilino, Maree Catalano, Paula Raflo, Rockets Redglare (angry mob members), Martin Scorsese (man with spotlight)

97 mins.