The Films of Martin Scorsese MIRROR, MIRROR

Mirror, Mirror (1985)

(episode in 'Amazing Stories' TV series) ..
As a horror fiction writer gets ready for bed after appearing on a TV show, he sees a phantom in a mirror. Unable to convince himself that the phantom is an apparition, he becomes a wreck, and jumps out of his window, believing that he is the phantom.

Production company: Amblin
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producer: David E. Vogel
Screenplay: Joseph Minion, from a story by Steven Spielberg
Cinematography (color): Robert Stevens
Editor: Joe Ann Fogle
Music: Michael Kamen
Production designer: Rick Carter

Cast: Sam Waterston (Jordan), Helen Shaver (Karen), Dick Cavett (himself), Tim Robbins (Jordan's phantom), Dana Gladstone (producer), Valerie Grear (host), Michael C. Gwynne (jail attendant), Peter Iacangelo (limo driver), Jonathan Luria (cameraman), Harry Northup (security guard), Glenn Scarpelli (Jeffrey Gelb), Jack Thibeau (tough guy)

24 mins.