The Films of Martin Scorsese NEW YORK STORIES

New York Stories: Life Lessons (1989)

Lionel Dobie, a successsful painter, has a show at a gallery in three weeks but is blocked and can't paint. Responding to his agent's pressure, he pleads with his estranged young assistant and inspiration, Paulette, to move back into his loft. She agrees, but on the condition that they don't have sex and that she can work on her own painting. With her there, Lionel experiences a creative fever and finishes all the paintings he needs for the show. When Paulette asks for his opinion about her artwork, though, he cannot lie and give her the encouragement she needs. She leaves him, and he meets a new "assistant" at his art show.

Production company: Touchstone
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Barbara De Fina, Robert Greenhut
Screenplay: Richard Price
Cinematography (color): Nestor Almendros
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Production designer: Kristi Zea

Cast: Nick Nolte (Lionel Dobie), Rosanna Arquette (Paulette), Patrick O'Neal (Philip Fowler), Jesse Borrego (Reuben Toro), Steve Buscemi (Gregory Stark), Peter Gabriel, Richard Price, Michael Powell

44 mins.