The Films of Martin Scorsese GOODFELLAS

GoodFellas (1989)

From the time he is a kid, Henry Hill is drawn to the life of the wise guys in his neighborhood and lives and breathes the mob. Narrating his story from his shielded life on the witness protection program, Henry chronicles his escalated involvement with the mob and the twists and turns of his relationships with his closest friends and partners in crime, James Conway and Tommy DeVito. DeVito is a cold-blooded murderer, and his killing of a "made" mobster leads to his own death. When Conway orchestrates a multimillion-dollar airport heist, he kills many of his partners, and Henry, fearing that he and his wife are next on Conway's list, turns himself in.

Production company: Warner Bros.
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producer: Irwin Winkler
Executive producer: Barbara De Fina
Screenplay: Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese, based on the book Wise Guy by Pileggi
Cinematography (color): Michael Ballhaus
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Production designer: Kristi Zea

Cast: Ray Liotta (Henry), Lorraine Bracco (Karen), Robert De Niro (James Conway), Joe Pesci (Tommy), Paul Sorvino (Paul Vario), Frank DiLeo (Tuddy), Gina Mastrogiacomo (Janice Rossi), Debi Mazar (Sandy), Tony Darrow (Sonny Bunz), Mike Starr (Frenchy), Frank Vincent (Billy Batts), Chuck Low (Morris Kessler), Henny Youngman (Himself), Catherine Scorsese (Tommy's Mother), Charles Scorsese (Vinnie), Suzanne Shepherd (Karen's Mother), Margo Winkler (Belle Kessler), Welker White (Lois Byrd), Jerry Vale (Himself), Julie Garfield (Mickey Conway), Christopher Serrone (Young Henry), Elaine Kagan (Henry's Mother), Beau Starr (Henry's Father), Anthony Powers (Jimmy Two Times), Louis Eppolito (Fat Andy), Tony Lip (Frankie the Wop), Mikey Black (Freddy No Nose), Pete Cicale (Pete the Killer),

146 mins.