1973 John Ford Tribute

John Ford recieved the First AFI Life Achievement Award on March 31, 1973, from George Stevens, Jr.

"Which American directors do I like the best?...I like the Old Masters. By which I mean - John Ford, John Ford, and John Ford." -Orson Welles

Director John Ford on location in 1950 for his film RIO GRANDE.

John Ford in a pensive moment at one of his favorite shooting locations, Monument Valley, Utah.

John Ford in production on his film MEN WITHOUT WOMEN (1930).

The remarkable cast of John Ford's STAGE COACH (1939) included Andy Devine, John Carradine, Louise Platt, Claire Trevor and John Wayne, who collaborated with the director 24 times.

An example of one of the many creative shots from the mind of John Ford. Henry Fonda in THE GRAPES OF WRATH (1940).

Director John Ford sharing a light moment with Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne on the set of RIO GRANDE (1950).

The ironic juxtaposition of a billboard advertising Ford's THE GRAPES OF WRATH, a moving motion picture about depression era poverty, in front of the make shift camp of depression era victims.

"Take everything you've heard...everything you've ever heard...and multiply it about a hundred times...and you still won't have a picture of John Ford." -James Stewart