1974 James Cagney Tribute

James Cagney was awarded the 2nd Annual AFI Lifetime Achievement Award on March 31st, 1973.

James Cagney with Lester Cowan, Daryl Zanuck, and Jack L. Warner.

James Cagney with Arlene Francis in ONE, TWO, THREE (1961).

James Cagney with Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan.

"James Cagney is the spruce, ebullient urchin who kills with Irish charm and dies in dogged, tenacious spasms of life-loving energy. Ever since PUBLIC ENEMY, in 1931, he has been Hollywood's most dynamic and disarming hood." -- Keneth Tynan.

James Cagney played a self-reliant horse breeder who dispenses his own brand of justice in Robert Wise's TRIBUTE TO A BAD MAN (1956), also starring Irene Pappas and Don Dobbins.

"Cagney -- everything he does is big -- and yet it's never for a moment unbelieveable, because it's real. It's true. He's a great movie actor and his perfromances are in no way modulated for the camera -- he never scaled anything down." -- Orson Welles

"Whatever emotional perfection you need from him you get. His understanding of comedy, of violence, of drama, the multitude of roles he has created, the beauty of the rhythm within him which has always shone through - unforgettable Cagney? You bet!" -- Joan Blondell