1975 Orson Welles Tribute

Orson Welles received the third AFI Life Achievement Award on February 9, 1975.

Always one of the most recognizable of movie stars, Orson Welles played himself taking a break from the filming of OTHELLO in the short 1951 thriller GHOST STORY.

Orson Welles at work on his most legendary production, generally considered one of the greatest films of all time, CITIZEN KANE (1941).

Orson Welles consults with Composer Bernard Herrmann on the score for CITIZEN KANE.

Orson Welles also starred in most of his films. Here, made up as Charles Foster Kane, he sets up a shot for CITIZEN KANE (1941).

Orson Welles's daring 1948 production of Shakespeare's MACBETH was received with some hostility by critics and the public, but is now considered one of the filmmaker's most original accomplishments.

"What is behind this look? Its particular expression belongs only to Orson Welles. It is altogether distracted and melancholy, painfully preoccupied and suggesting that secret thoughts underlie the speech we hear."

-- Francois Truffaut

Though he found it increasingly difficult to find financing for his projects in later years, Orson Welles remained a genuine Hollywood icon, often making cameo appearances and acting in commercials.

Orson Welles: Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Magician, Father.