1977 Bette Davis Tribute

Bette Davis was the recipient of the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1977.

Bette Davis at 9 months on a balcony in Boston.

Bette Davis (center) in an early production.

NEW RECORD FOR BETTE---Bette Davis has eight leading men in her newest screen porduction MR. SKEFFINGTON,-- at least the eight men all make love to her. Claude Rains has the proncipal male role as Mr. Skeffington, Bette's husband. The other in the list of wooers are Jerome Cowan, William Kennedy, Peter Whitney, John Alexander, Tom Stevenson, Robert Shayne and Douglas Drake.

FILM QUEEN AND DUKE: Bette Davis relies heavily on Duke, a Great Dane, for protection in READ RINGER, the Warner Bros. motion picture thriller in which Miss Davis has a dual role of twin sisters. The film is Bette Davis' first since WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE.

Bette Davis, Warner Bros. star, will soon be seen in JUNE BRIDE co-starring with Robert Montgomery.

Bette Davis at the 1936 Academy Awards(c) where she won for DANGEROUS. With Victor McLaglen.

Bette Davis was blond early in her career.

Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart were the top stars at Warner Bros. in the Golden Age of Hollywood.