1989 Gregory Peck Tribute

On March 9, 1989, screen legend Gregory Peck recieved the 17th Annual AFI Life Achievement Award. The evening was hosted by Audrey Hepburn.

While at Berkeley, Gregory Peck landed his first leading role as Matt Burke in ANNA CHRISTIE (1938).

THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM (1944) was only his second film, but the role of Father Chrisholm landed Gregory Peck an Oscar© nomination and launched him on the road to stardom. With Thomas Mitchell.

Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman prepare for a close-up on the set of SPELLBOUND (1945).

Joseph Cotton and Gregory Peck on the set of DUEL IN THE SUN (1946).

Gregory Peck, Robert Preston and director Zoltan Korda on location in Mexico during the filming of THE MACOMBER AFFAIR (1947).

THE GREAT SINNER (1949) gave Gregory Peck the chance to work with a man he considered to be his favorite actor, Walter Huston (father of John Huston). "Have you any advice for a young fellow who's just getting started?" Peck asked him. "Yes, give them a good show and always travel first class," Huston replied. "It was good advice," says Peck. "That's one of my favorite one-line summations of what it's all about."

THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO (1952) featured Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, whom Peck called "my favorite leading lady."

In 1956 John Huston directed Gregory Peck in the screen adaptation of Hermann Melville's MOBY DICK, one of Huston's favorite films. "I never saw Ahab as a ranting madman," said Huston, "and Peck furnished a kind of nobility, a heroic stature. Greg is one of the nicest, straightest guys I ever knew, and there's a size to him. I felt he brought a superb dignity to the role."