1990 David Lean Tribute

Sir David Lean was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1990.

Sir David Lean on the set of BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1946) with Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard.

Sir David Lean coaches John Howard Davies on the set of OLIVER TWIST(1948), the second of Lean's masterful Dickens adaptations. In this film Lean faultlessly re-created the period atmosphere and polished his reputation as a peerless storyteller.

Sir David Lean directs THE PASSIONATE FRIENDS(1949), with Ann Todd and Trevor Howard.

On the set of THE SOUND BARRIER (1952).

Sir David Lean and Katharine Hepburn became close friends after working together. "I think she's the greatest actress I've ever worked with" says Lean. "I've never known anyone who combines a complete mastery of technique with real gift."

Sir David Lean with Sophia Loren after receiving the Best Director Oscar(c) for THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI.

Sir David Lean on location in the desert for LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962).

Sir David Lean at Leeds University, where he was made an honorary Doctor of Letters in 1986.