1991 Kirk Douglas Tribute

March 7, 1991. Screen veteran Kirk Douglas took home the 19th Annual AFI Life Achievement Award.

Kirk Douglas made screen history in 1949's CHAMPION directed by Mark Robson (VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, EARTHQUAKE).

His virile good-looks and fabulous physique helped Kirk Douglas land a contract with Hal Wallis in Hollywood.

Kirk Douglas made his motion picture debut in THE STRANGE LOVES OF MARTHA IVERS along with such superstars as Van Heflin, Barbara Stanwyck and Lizabeth Scott.

Kirk Douglas gave a memorable performance as Vincent Van Gogh in the classic LUST FOR LIFE (1956).

Playing the heavy, Kirk Douglas co-starred with Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer in Jacques Tourneur's OUT OF THE PAST (1947) for RKO.

Kirk Douglas accepting an Oscar(c) in the film THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1952). Douglas' character in the MGM film was loosely based on real-life producer Val Lewton.

Kirk Douglas' incredible career spans more than 60 years.

Kirk Douglas in the title role for the 1985 CBS Movie of the Week AMOS.