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Paying the Price
Director: Frank H. Crane (Dir)
Release Date:   9 Jul 1916
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Cast: Gail Kane  (Judith Corbin)
  Robert Cummings  (General Corbin, U.S.A.)
  Lydia Knott  (Mrs. Towne)

Summary: While developing a powerful explosive, naval officer Paul Towne introduces his friend, Richard Tracy, to Judith Corbin, his friend since childhood. For years, Paul had assumed that he would marry Judith, but when Richard proposes, Judith, tired of waiting for Paul, accepts. Soon after the marriage, Richard becomes more interested in the new explosive than in his new wife, and to pay off gambling debts, he agrees to steal the formula and sell it to a foreign government. While spying at close range on a test of the explosive, however, Richard is killed, after which Judith, who has long since realized her mistake in becoming Richard's wife, accepts Paul's marriage proposal. 

Distribution Company: World Film Corp.
Production Company: Paragon Films, Inc.
Director: Frank H. Crane (Dir)
  M. N. Litson (Asst dir)
Producer: William A. Brady (Pres)
  William A. Brady (Supv)
Writer: Gardner Hunting (Scen)
  Burton E. Stevenson (Story)

Subject Major: Espionage
  Secret formulas
Subject Minor: Debt
  Officers (Military)

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