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Title: The Dark Knight Rises

Production Company: Syncopy Films  
  Legendary Pictures  
Production Text:
A Film by Christopher Nolan
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution (A TimeWarner Company)

Release Date: 2012
Premiere Information: Los Angeles and New York openings: 20 Jul 2012
Production Date: mid-May--mid-Nov 2011 in California, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, England, Scotland, and India
Duration (in mins): 165
PCA NO: 47572
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Country: United States
Language: English

Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby® Digital in selected theatres; Datasat Digital Sound; SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
  col: Color by Technicolor®
  Lenses/Prints: Camera & lenses by Panavision® and IMAX®; Prints by Technicolor®

Producer: Emma Thomas (Prod)
  Christopher Nolan (Prod)
  Charles Roven (Prod)
  Benjamin Melniker (Exec prod)
  Michael E. Uslan (Exec prod)
  Kevin De La Noy (Exec prod)
  Thomas Tull (Exec prod)
  Jordan Goldberg (Co-prod)
  Dileep Singh Rathore (Line prod, India)
Director: Christopher Nolan (Dir)
  Kevin De La Noy (Unit prod mgr)
  Susan Towner (Unit prod mgr)
  Jan Foster (Unit prod mgr)
  Nilo Otero (1st asst dir)
  Brandon Lambdin (2d asst dir)
  Gregory Pawlik (2d 2d asst dir)
  Lauren Pasternack (Addl 2d asst dir)
  Zack Smith (Addl 2d asst dir)
  Brett Robinson (Addl 2d asst dir)
  Simon Emanuel (Unit prod mgr, United Kingdom)
  Michael Murray (Unit prod mgr (Cardington), United Kingdom)
  Richard Graysmark (2d asst dir, United Kingdom)
  Paula Turnbull (2d asst dir, United Kingdom)
  Zoe Liang (2d 2d asst dir, United Kingdom)
  Tom Mulberge (3d asst dir, United Kingdom)
  Sandrine Loisy (3d asst dir, United Kingdom)
Writer: Jonathan Nolan (Scr)
  Christopher Nolan (Scr/Story)
  David S. Goyer (Story)
Photography: Wally Pfister (Dir of photog)
  Cory Geryak (Chief lighting tech)
  Ray Garcia (Key grip)
  Scott Sakamoto (Cam op/Steadicam)
  Bob Hall (1st asst "A" cam)
  Dan Schroer (2d asst "A" cam)
  Philip Shanahan (1st asst "B" cam)
  Milan Janicin (2d asst "B" cam)
  Jonathan Clark (Loader)
  Wayne Baker (IMAX cam tech)
  Michael Pagan (Ultimate arm tech)
  Patrick Redmond (Ultimate arm tech)
  Lev Yevstratov (Ultimate arm tech)
  Hans Bjerno (Aerial dir of photog)
  Ron Phillips (Still photog)
  Kevin Boyd (Key video assist/Computer video supv)
  Monte Swann (24 frame playback)
  Larry Sushinski (Asst chief lighting tech)
  Jeff Soderberg (Rigging gaffer)
  Duncan Sobel (Rigging best boy)
  Charles Ehrlinger (Best boy grip)
  David Pearlberg (Dolly grip)
  Mark Wojciechowski (Dolly grip)
  Blake Pike (Rigging key grip)
  Jerry Marshall (Rigging best boy)
  Ben Adefarasin (2d asst "A" cam)
  Ian Coffey (1st asst "B" cam, United Kingdom)
  Brad Larner (1st asst "B" cam, United Kingdom)
  Adam Dorney (2d asst "B" cam, United Kingdom)
  Tim Morris (2d asst "B" cam, United Kingdom)
  Sally Wright (Central loader, United Kingdom)
  Reuben Garrett (Chief lighting tech, United Kingdom)
  Matt Butler (Asst chief lighting tech, United Kingdom)
  Ian Franklin (Rigging gaffer, United Kingdom)
  Billy Gamble (Rigging best boy, United Kingdom)
  Ryan Monro (Key grip, United Kingdom)
  Gary Hutchings (Best boy grip, United Kingdom)
  Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. (Camera cranes and dollies by)
Art Direction: Nathan Crowley (Prod des)
  Kevin Kavanaugh (Prod des)
  Naaman Marshall (Supv art dir)
  Joshua Lusby (Art dir)
  Dean Wolcott (Art dir)
  Zack Grobler (Art dir)
  Robert Woodruff (Art dir)
  Robert Joseph (Asst art dir)
  Gerald Sullivan (Stand-by art dir)
  Jenne Lee (Art dept coord)
  Phillis Lehmer (Graphic des)
  Jamie Rama (Illustrator)
  Gabriel Hardman (Illustrator)
  Eddie Yang (Illustrator)
  OOOii (Interactive des)
  James Hambidge (Supv art dir, United Kingdom)
  Toby Britton (Art dir, United Kingdom)
  Kate Grimble (Art dir, United Kingdom)
  Susan Whitaker (Art dir, United Kingdom)
  Tom Still (Art dir, United Kingdom)
  Huw Arthur (Stand by art dir, United Kingdom)
  Anna Bregman (Asst art dir, United Kingdom)
  Pippa Needs (Art dept coord, United Kingdom)
  Jools Faiers (Graphic artist, United Kingdom)
  Romek Delimata (Illustrator, United Kingdom)
Film Editor: Lee Smith (Ed)
  John Lee (Assoc ed)
  Eric A. Lewy (1st asst ed)
  Laura Rindner (1st asst ed)
  Donald Likovich (Asst ed)
  Katie Hedrich (Asst ed)
  William Fletcher (Asst ed)
  Ben Renton (2d asst ed, United Kingdom)
  Mo Henry (Negative cutter)
  Digital Vortechs, Inc. (Avids by)
Set Decoration: Paki Smith (Set dec)
  Julie Ochipinti (Sec dec, Los Angeles)
  Sean Ginevan (Leadman)
  Martha Johnston (Set des)
  Theodore Sharps (Set des)
  Robert Greenfield, III (On set dresser)
  Brett Phillips (Lead model maker)
  Gregory Jein (Lead model maker)
  Leah Palen (Buyer)
  Nicole Zaks (Buyer)
  Mychael Bates (Prop master)
  Tommy Altobello (Asst prop master)
  Matt Cavaliero (Asst prop master)
  Harry Lu (Armorer)
  Joe Ondrejko (Const coord)
  Guy Belegaud (Const mgr)
  Rob Garlow (Const mgr)
  John McIntyre (Const foreman)
  Jeff House (Const foreman)
  Jeff Hall (Const foreman)
  Robert Mara (Const foreman)
  Steve Sola (Const foreman)
  Chet Garlow (Const foreman)
  Larry Clark (Lead painter)
  Sophie Newman (Asst set dec, United Kingdom)
  Lucinda Sturgis (Buyer, United Kingdom)
  Barry Wilkinson (Prop master, United Kingdom)
  Peter Bigg (Asst prop master, United Kingdom)
  Ben Rothwall (Armourer, United Kingdom)
  Paul Hayes (Const mgr, United Kingdom)
  William Stickley (HOD carpenter, United Kingdom)
  Paul Taggart (HOD plasterer, United Kingdom)
  Paul Wescott (HOD scenic painter, United Kingdom)
  Kevin Nugent (HOD metal worker, United Kingdom)
  Simon Alderton (HOD rigger, United Kingdom)
  Steve Bovingdon (HOD stage hand, United Kingdom)
  David Hodges (HOD sculptor, United Kingdom)
  Amanda Pettett (Const coord, United Kingdom)
  Garry Hayes (Const buyer, United Kingdom)
  Nicholas Williams (Stand by painter, United Kingdom)
  Ryan Sinnott (Stand by carpenter)
  Andy Challis (Stand by rigger, United Kingdom)
  Martin Brown (Stand by stagehand, United Kingdom)
  Ryan Wescott (Stand by plasterer, United Kingdom)
Costumes: Lindy Hemming (Cost des)
  Dan Grace (Cost supv)
  Linda Matthews (Cost supv, Los Angeles)
  Maria Tortu (Asst cost des)
  Nicholas Roche-Gordon (Key set cost)
  Edward T. Hanley (Key cost)
  Jack Wright (Key cost)
  Jennifer Dozier (Key crowd cost)
  Cathie Valdovino (Cost - Morgan Freeman)
  David Butler (Set cost)
  Lori Harris (Set cost)
  Jose Hernandez (Set cost)
  Mustapha Mimis (Set cost)
  Hana Rausalova (Set cost)
  Cesha Ventre (Cost)
  Tamsin Costello (Cost)
  Graham Churchyard (Cost FX supv)
  Mario Torres (Specialty cost)
  Linda Benavente-Notaro (Specialty cost)
  Maria Sundeen (Specialty cost)
  Jill Tomomatsu (Specialty cost)
  Day Murch (Bat suit wrangler)
  Brendan Handscombe (Cost supv, United Kingdom)
  Guy Speranza (Cost supv, United Kingdom)
  Charlotte Wiseman (Cost supv, United Kingdom)
  Kate Chadderton (Cost coord, United Kingdom)
  Justine Warhurst (Key crowd cost, United Kingdom)
  Christof Roche-Gordon (Set cost, United Kingdom)
  Edith Kahler (Set cost, United Kingdom)
Music: Hans Zimmer (Mus/Synth programmin)
  Alex Gibson (Supv mus ed)
  Ryan Rubin (Mus ed)
  Lorne Balfe (Addl mus)
  Mel Wesson (Ambient mus des)
  Steven Kofsky (Mus prod services)
  Chuck Choi (Tech score eng)
  Mark Wherry (Digital instrument des)
  Hans Zimmer (Synth programming)
  Howard Scarr (Synth programming)
  Tom Holkenborg (Sequencer programming)
  Andrew Kawczynski (Sequencer programming)
  Jasha Klebe (Sequencer programming)
  Steve Mazzaro (Sequencer programming)
  Bruce L. Fowler (Supv orch)
  Gavin Greenaway (Orch cond)
  Matt Dunkley (Orch cond)
  Andrew Zack (Score coord)
  Geoff Foster (Score rec)
  Stephen Lipson (Score mixed)
  Alan Meyerson (Score mixed)
  Daniel Kresco (Score mixed)
  Thomas Jesty (Choir boy)
Sound: Richard King (Sd des/Supv sd ed)
  Gary A. Rizzo (Re-rec mixer)
  Gregg Landaker (Re-rec mixer)
  Ed Novick (Prod sd mixer)
  Brian Robinson (Boom op)
  Ben Greaves (Sd utility)
  Michael Babcock (Addl re-rec mixer)
  Andrew Bock (1st asst sd ed)
  Linda Yeaney (1st asst sd ed)
  R. J. Kizer (ADR supv)
  Hugo Weng (Dial ed)
  Michael W. Mitchell (Sd eff ed)
  Jeff Sawyer (Sd eff ed)
  Bryan Watkins (Sd eff ed)
  Randle Akerson (Sd eff ed)
  Ken J. Johnson (Addl sd des)
  John Fasal (Sd eff rec mixer)
  Eric Potter (Sd eff rec mixer)
  Christopher Flick (Foley supv)
  John Roesch (Foley artist)
  Alyson Dee Moore (Foley artist)
  Mary Jo Lang (Foley mixer)
  Thomas J. O'Connell (ADR mixer)
  Ryan Murphy (Mix tech)
Special Effects: Paul Franklin (Visual eff supv)
  Chris Corbould (Spec eff supv)
  Mike Chambers (Visual eff prod)
  Scott Fisher (Spec eff coord)
  Mario Vanillo (Spec eff)
  Jim Rollins (Spec eff)
  John Downey (Spec eff)
  Ronald Goldstein (Spec eff)
  Jeff Brink (Spec eff)
  Erik Haraldsted (Spec eff)
  Thomas Pahk (Spec eff)
  Gintar Repecka (Spec eff)
  Ron Epstein (Spec eff)
  Bruce Minkus (Spec eff)
  Leo Solis (Spec eff)
  Clark Templeman (Spec eff)
  Michael Duenas (Spec eff)
  Ryan Arndt (Spec eff)
  Roland Loew (Spec eff)
  Troy Dederick (Spec eff)
  Matthew Downey (Spec eff)
  Robert Slater (Spec eff)
  Kirk Barton (Spec eff)
  Mark Stanton (Spec eff)
  Neal Garland (Spec eff)
  Steve Miller (Visual eff ed)
  Derrick Mitchell (Visual eff ed)
  Scott Wesley Ross (Visual eff asst ed)
  Christy Richmond (Visual eff asst ed)
  Jackson Yu (Visual eff asst ed)
  Katie Stetson (Visual eff coord)
  Beverly Abbott (Visual eff coord)
  Jeff Winkle (Visual eff asst coord)
  Jake Martin (Visual eff prod asst)
  Boman Modine (Visual eff prod asst)
  Joe Wehmeyer (Visual eff data wrangler)
  Ian Doss (Visual eff data wrangler)
  Mark Weingartner (Visual eff dir of photog)
  Andrew Borham (Visual eff 1st asst cam)
  Tomislav Culina (Visual eff key grip)
  Ian Lowe (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Peter Notley (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Kevin Herd (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Andy Smith (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Tom Murtagh (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Roy Quinn (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Paul Knowles (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Steve Crawley (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Lynne Corbould (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Daniel Homewood (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Michael Fox (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  John Arnitt (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Andy Aitken (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  John Van Der Pool (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  David Eltham (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Stephen Lewis (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Richard Todd {Spec eff} (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Steve Benelisha (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Jim Machin (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Matt Johnson (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Paul Clancy (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Ian Mitchell (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Lee Winter (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Anton Boniface (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Crissy Jo Howes (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Richard Gregory (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Alex MacBride (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Andy Simm (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Jason Reed (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Luke Murphy (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Phoebe Tait (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Barry White (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Gordon Cave (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Jody Eltham (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Lee Phelan (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Paul Bentman (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Stuart Leach (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Lindsay Harris (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Huw Millar (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Toby Marrow (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Mark Godleman (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Peter Britten (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Neil Layton (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Joshua Hooker (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Daniel Massett (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Simon Harper (Spec eff, United Kingdom)
  Kieran Ahern (Visual eff prod asst, United Kingdom)
  Isabelle Field (Visual eff prod asst, United Kingdom)
  Double Negative Ltd. (Visual eff)
  Andy Lockley (Visual eff supv, Double Negative)
  Peter Bebb (Visual eff supv, Double Negative)
  Claudia Dehmel (Visual eff prod, Double Negative)
  Antonella Ferrari (Visual eff assoc prod, Double Negative)
  Sabrina Scalfari (Visual eff assoc prod, Double Negative)
  Julian Foddy (CG supv, Double Negative)
  Nicola Hoyle (CG supv, Double Negative)
  Robin Beard (Compositing supv, Double Negative)
  Alison Wortman (CG seq supv, Double Negative)
  Joel Green (CG seq supv, Double Negative)
  Maxx Leong (CG seq supv, Double Negative)
  Phillip Johnson (CG seq supv, Double Negative)
  May Leung (CG eff supv, Double Negative)
  Dan Snape (Compositing seq supv, Double Negative)
  Graham Page (Compositing seq supv, Double Negative)
  Richard Reed (Compositing seq supv, Double Negative)
  Tristan Myles (Compositing seq supv, Double Negative)
  Laurent Hamery (Software development supv, Double Negative)
  Peter Kyme (Software development supv, Double Negative)
  Philippe Leprince (Software development supv, Double Negative)
  Esme Long (Visual eff coord, Double Negative)
  Katy Mummery (Visual eff coord, Double Negative)
  Leanne Young (Visual eff coord, Double Negative)
  Cindy Khoo (Visual eff coord, Double Negative)
  Max Rees (Visual eff coord, Double Negative)
  Valdone Koronczi (Visual eff coord, Double Negative)
  Andrew Feery (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Daniel Maskit (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  David Goubitz (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  David Hyde (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Fabio Cerrito (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Federico Frassinelli (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Gareth Harbuz (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Jamie Haydock (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Jason Harris (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  James Fleming (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  John Dowell (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Key Lee (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Marie Tollec (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Mike Nixon (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Ming-Chia Lee (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Nathan Ortiz (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Nicholas Illingworth (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Robert Pearson (CG eff artist, Double Negative)
  Andy McEvoy (Anim, Double Negative)
  Dorian Knapp (Anim, Double Negative)
  Faraz Hameed (Anim, Double Negative)
  Brad Blackbourn (Anim, Double Negative)
  Justin Henton (Anim, Double Negative)
  Jorge Del Valle (Anim, Double Negative)
  Eduardo Schmidek (Anim, Double Negative)
  Soren Pedersen (Anim, Double Negative)
  Tito Fernandes (Anim, Double Negative)
  Alexandre Millet (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Clement Gerard (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Christopher Anciaume (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Chi Kwong Lo (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  David Basalla (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  David Mucci (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Daniel Nicholson (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Frederik Lillelund (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Gal Roiter (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Keziah Bailey (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Geoffrey Coppin (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Jason Brown (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Ju Hee Kwon (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Laurent Robert (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Lee Tibbetts (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Pedro Santos (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Peter Ocampo (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Ryan Woodward (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Sotiris Georghiou (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Steven Khoury (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Tom Edwards (CG lighting lead, Double Negative)
  Andy Warren (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Derek Gillingham (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Kevin Hudson (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Bret Di Lu (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Fernanda Moreno (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Rhys Salcombe (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Benjamin Huber (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Cori Chan (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Daniel Pastore (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Duncan Kuah (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Effandi Mohamed (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Eiji Kitada (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Francis Leong (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Gakgyu Choi (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  James Lee (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Krzysztof Fus (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Leah Low (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Matt Bullock (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Praveen Ilangovan (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Sonny Sy (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Terence Lam (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Yakov Baytler (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Yansheng Chew (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Yaocheng Lam (Digital artist, Double Negative)
  Dimitri Delacovias (Matte painter, Double Negative)
  Patsy Yuen (Matte painter, Double Negative)
  Tania Richard (Matte painter, Double Negative)
  Adam Hammond (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Aled Prosser (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Alexander Kirichenko (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Annie Nakamura (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Antonio Meazzini (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Ashwini Prabhu (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Bahar Cetin (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Bjoern Gottwald (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Charlotte Merrill (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Christopher Sillitoe (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Christopher Taylor (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Daniel Leatherdale (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Edward Andrews (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Francesco Cosatti (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Garth Reilly (Compositor, Double Negative)
  George Zwier (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Graeme Eglin (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Graham Day (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Igor Fiorentini (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Jean-Francois Leroux (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Jessica Smith (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Joerg Baier (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Jon Uriarte (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Kate Porter (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Kris Anderson (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Luke Bigley (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Mark Payne (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Mary Stroumpouli (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Matthew Foster (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Michael Thingnes (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Michele Benigna (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Oliver Johnstone (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Olov Samuelsson (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Oscar Tornincasa (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Patrick Burke (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Rafal Kaniewski (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Raphael Hamm (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Richard Stay (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Romain Bouvard (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Sabina Bihlmaier (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Sabine Laimer (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Sam Reed (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Sandro Henriques (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Sangita Mistry (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Scott Marriott (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Shahin Toosi (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Sharon Marcussen (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Stephen Bennett (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Thomas Steiner (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Victor Perez (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Vincent Chang (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Will Martindale (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Zacary Campbell (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Zachary Lo (Compositor, Double Negative)
  Matt Sadler (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Alex Macieira (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Alexander Kirk (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Amber Wilkins (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Benjamin Courtin (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Benoit Terminet Schuppon (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Dale Rostron (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  David Forsbrey (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Dax Chew (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Farhad Yusufi (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Gabriela Pruszkowska (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Giovanni Mascherpa (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Helga Yeo (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  James Lakin (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  John Kelly (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Kim Dunne (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Leona Sharkey (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Matthew Salisbury (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Mattias Werner (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Michael Hopkins (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Nicholas Papworth (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Sam Gunn (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Sebastian Ness (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Stephanie Whitmarsh (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Tayhwah Tang (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Timothy Shim (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Weikian Ang (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Yosafatp Notowibowo (Matchmover, Double Negative)
  Francesca Dare (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Aaron Noordally (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Adam Orton (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Alexandre Bain (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Carlos Conceicao (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Caroline Chai (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Christopher Bird (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  David Schott (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Eleonor Lindvall (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Elham Binsenin (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Eloise Payne (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Louise Fontillas (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Luan Hall (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Luis Scholtz (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Jessica Kong (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Mark Fry (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Michael Lowry (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Michael Robert-Allen (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Nathan Gardner (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Neil Jianoran (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Perry Yap (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Robin Walsh (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Sammy Wu (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Shramana Haldar (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Thomas Salama (Rotoscope artist, Double Negative)
  Chris Payne (Visual eff ed, Double Negative)
  Nick Dacey (Visual eff ed, Double Negative)
  Reuben Lloyd Pack (Visual eff ed, Double Negative)
  Garry Maddison (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Alasdair Colley (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Dave Scott (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Luke Rawcliffe (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Alexander Jones (Tech support, Double Negative)
  James Braid (Tech support, Double Negative)
  George Zargiannakis (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Ben Grimes (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Sarah Macdonald (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Pete Hanson (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Soren Ragsdale (Tech support, Double Negative)
  Trina Roy (Tech support, Double Negative)
  New Deal Studios, Inc. (Visual eff)
  Ian Hunter (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  David Sanger (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Timothy E. Angulo (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Richard O. Helmer (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  John Cazin (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Scott Beverly (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Alan Faucher (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Branden W. Seifert (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Todd Noel (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Patrick Dunn-Baker (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Jonathan Faber (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Jason J. Kolowski (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  A. J. Raitano (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Michael D. Off (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Otto Bettancourt (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  John Ziegler (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Roy Goode (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  Katie Linahon (Visual eff, New Deal Studios)
  LiDAR VFX (Lidar scanning)
  Paul Maurice (Lidar scanning, LiDAR VFX)
  Brandon Harr (Lidar scanning, LiDAR VFX)
  Jon Hanzelka (Lidar scanning, LiDAR VFX)
  Custom Film Effects (Opticals)
  Motion Picture Imaging (Opticals)
  Scarlet Letters (Titles)
Make Up: Luisa Abel (Make-up dept head)
  Jay Wejebe (Key make-up artist)
  Audrey Doyle (Make-up artist/Prosthetics)
  Nancy Worthen-Hancock (Make-up artist to Mr. Freeman)
  Maggie Elliott (Make-up artist)
  Kentaro Yano (Make-up artist)
  Janice Alexander (Hair dept head)
  Patricia Dehaney (Key hair stylist)
  Deena Adair (Hair stylist to Mr. Freeman)
  Terrell Baliel (Hair stylist)
  Amy McHale (Hair stylist)
  Carol Pershing (Hair stylist)
Production Misc: John Papsidera (Casting)
  Craig Hosking (Pilot)
  John Maloney (Pilot)
  Rick Shuster (Pilot)
  David Paris (Pilot)
  David E. Hall (Post prod supv)
  Helen Medrano (Prod controller)
  Thomas Hayslip (Aerial unit prod mgr)
  Candice Campos (Prod supv)
  Karl McMillan (Prod supv)
  Mika Saito (Prod supv)
  Ilt Jones (Supv loc mgr)
  Steven R. Gehrke (Scr supv)
  David Keighley (IMAX consultant)
  Nolan Medrano (Prod accountant)
  Anthea Strangis (Prod accountant)
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  Kerry Wagner (Asst to Ms. Hathaway)
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Stand In: Tom Struthers (Stunt coord)
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Color Personnel: David Orr (Col timer)

Music Text: "Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte," written by Maurice Ravel, performed by Minnesota Orchestra, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, conductor, courtesy of Countdown Media.
Song Text: "The Star Spangled Banner," written by Francis Scott Key and John Stafford Smith, performed by CJ Coyne.
Source Text: Based on characters created by Bob Kane in the Batman comic books published by DC Comics.
Source Authors: Bob Kane
Music Composer: Francis Scott Key
  Maurice Ravel
  John Stafford Smith

Cast:   Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/[Batman])  
    Michael Caine (Alfred [J. Pennyworth])  
    Gary Oldman (Commissioner [Jim] Gordon)  
    Anne Hathaway (Selina [Kyle])  
    Tom Hardy (Bane)  
    Marion Cotillard (Miranda [Tate]/[Talia])  
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt ([Robin] Blake)  
  And Morgan Freeman ([Lucius] Fox)  
    Matthew Modine (Foley)  
    Ben Mendelsohn ([John] Daggett)  
    Burn Gorman ([Philip] Stryver)  
    Alon Moni Aboutboul (Dr. Pavel)  
    Juno Temple (Jen)  
    Daniel Sunjata (Captain Jones)  
    Chris Ellis (Fr. Reilly)  
    Tom Conti (Prisoner)  
    Nestor Carbonell (Mayor)  
    Brett Cullen (Congressman)  
    Aidan Gillen (CIA op)  
    Sam Kennard (Special Ops sergeant)  
    Aliash Tepina (Hooded man #2)  
    Nick Julian (Caterer)  
    Miranda Nolan (Maid #2)  
    Claire Julien (Maid #3)  
    Reggie Lee (Ross)  
    Joseph Lyle Taylor (DWP man)  
    Tyler Dean Flores (Mark)  
    Duane Henry (SWAT in dive bar)  
    James Harvey Ward (SWAT in alley)  
    Gonzalo Menendez (Cop at manhole)  
    Cameron Jack (Sewer thug #1)  
    Lex Daniel (Sewer thug #2)  
    Thomas Lennon (Doctor)  
    Trevor White (Yuppie)  
    Rob Brown (Allen)  
    Fredric Lehne (Exchange security chief)  
    Courtney Munch (Female security guard)  
    Chris Hill (Paparazzi #1)  
    Travis Guba (Paparazzi #2)  
    Jay Benedict (Rich twit)  
    Will Estes (Officer Simon Jansen)  
    David Dayan Fisher (Shoe shine man at GSE)  
    P. J. Griffith (Sniper at Exchange)  
    Glen Powell (Trader #1)  
    Ben Cornish (Trader #2)  
    Russ Fega (Trader #3)  
    Andres Perez-Molina (Valet at museum)  
    Brent Briscoe (Veteran cop)  
    John Nolan (Fredericks)  
    Oliver Cotton (2 star Air Force general)  
    Mark Killeen (Airport cop)  
    Sarah Goldberg (Analyst #1)  
    John Macmillan (Analyst #2)  
    Robert Wisdom (Army captain at bridge)  
    Ronnie Gene Blevins (Cement truck driver)  
    John Hollingworth (CIA analyst)  
    Ian Bohen (Cop with Gordon)  
    Uri Gavriel (Blind prisoner)  
    Noel G. (Ex-prisoner at river)  
    Max Schuler (Foley's kid)  
    Daina Griffith (Foley's wife)  
    Hector Atreyu Ruiz (Gangbanger)  
    Patrick Cox (Huge inmate)  
    Aramis Knight (Kid with apple)  
    Josh Stewart (Barsad)  
    William Devane (President)  
    Harry Coles (Younger prison child)  
    Joey King (Older prison child)  
    Liam Neeson (Ra's Al Ghul)  
    Julie Mun (Reporter at stadium)  
    Cillian Murphy (Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow)  
    David Gyasi (Skinny prisoner)  
    Patrick Jordan (Special Forces #2)  
    Joshua Elijah Reese (Mercenary at city hall)  
    Desmond Harrington (Uniform)  
    Mychael Bates (Bomb truck driver)  
    Rory Nolan (Little boy at bridge)  
    Tomas Arana (Wayne's lawyer)  
    Peter Holden (Applied sciences tech #1)  
    David Monahan (Applied sciences tech #2)  
    Jillian Armenante (Lawyer's clerk)  
    Aja Evans (Greeter at museum)  
    Aldous Davidson (Valet at Wayne Enterprises)  
    Michael James Faradie (Guard at Blackgate)  
    Wade Williams (Warden at Blackgate)  
    Antwan Lewis (Reporter at Wayne Enterprises)  
    Jake Canuso (Waiter in Florence cafe)  
    Josh Pence (Young Ra's Al Ghul)  
    India Wadsworth (Warlord's daughter)  
    Kevin Kiely (Thug #1 in basement)  
    Daniel Newman (Thug #2 in basement)  
    Massi Furlan (Janitor at GSE)  
    Warren Brown (Mercenary security #1)  
    Luke Rutherford (Mercenary security #2)  
    Phillip Browne (Mercenary security #3)  
    Christopher Judge (Mercenary assassin #3)  
    Aldo Bigante (2nd cop with Gordon)  
    Charles Jackson Coyne (Anthem singer)  
    Patrick Leahy (Board member #2)  
    Todd Gearhart (Uniform #2)  

Summary: At a remote airstrip, a CIA agent greets a team of mercenaries who present him with four prisoners, Dr. Pavel and a trio of hooded men who are said to be associates of a man named Bane. After the prisoners are taken up in a small military airplane, one of the hooded men reveals himself as Bane, a muscular man who wears a tight-fitting metal mask around his mouth that distorts his voice. Another airplane appears higher in the sky from which armed men descend and attach the two planes together by cables in mid-air. The wings of the military plane are torn off and the rear fuselage is blown away so that Bane can safely escape with Dr. Pavel as the wrecked military aircraft crashes to the ground. At Wayne Manor, Gotham City's politicians and elite businessmen celebrate Harvey Dent Day, dedicated to the life of the popular D.A. who was killed eight years before, allegedly by Batman. Since Dent's death, Batman has not been seen and Bruce Wayne has lived as a recluse in his home. Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred J. Pennyworth, first instructs an eager maid to take a tray of food to a sealed portion of the estate, then informs visiting guest Miranda Tate that Bruce does not receive visitors. After the maid drops off the food, an unshaven Bruce notices that she is wearing his mother's pearl necklace, which she has stolen from a seemingly impenetrable safe. The maid easily pushes Bruce over and dives out the second story window, hitching a ride with a congressman. Bruce then discovers that the maid also lifted his fingerprints from the safe. Later that night, on the police department rooftop, Officer Robin Blake informs Commissioner Jim Gordon that the congressman never made it home after the party. The next morning, Alfred finds Bruce in the Batcave tracking down the maid's real identity: Selina Kyle, a noted cat burglar. Selina later arrives at a seedy bar downtown accompanied by the now totally disoriented congressman. During a transaction to sell Bruce's fingerprints to a man named Philip Stryver, she tricks the buyer into using the congressman's cell phone, alerting the police to his location. A SWAT team swarms into the bar and Selina escapes by pretending to be a helpless bar patron. Gordon follows Stryver and his henchmen who have escaped into the sewer system. An underground explosion injures Gordon and the henchmen drag him through the tunnels to Bane's secret hideout. Gordon escapes by throwing himself down a waterfall where he is washed out into the river and rescued by Blake. The next day, Blake visits Bruce to tell him that he knows the reclusive billionaire used to be Batman and that Gordon needs his help to fight Bane. Wearing a ski mask, Bruce visits Gordon in the hospital where the police commissioner asks him to become Batman again. Next, Bruce attends a masked charity ball hosted by Miranda, who complains that Wayne Enterprises has failed to completely build a highly advanced fusion reactor that she and the company invested heavily in. On the dance floor, Bruce waltzes with Selina who warns him that "a storm" is coming that will severely hurt all of the city's elite. The next day, Lucius Fox informs Bruce that Wayne Enterprises is nearly bankrupt over the abandoned fusion reactor project. Lucius also shows Bruce an experimental flying machine that was being developed for the defense department that he calls "the Bat." Back at the Batcave, Alfred tells Bruce the complete personal history of Bane, which includes his being trained by Bruce's former mentor, Ra's Al Ghul. Although Bane was once a member of Ghul's League of Shadows, he was excommunicated from the group. Later, Bane and his henchmen break into the Gotham City Stock Exchange where they initiate a series of illicit stock transfers. When the police cut off all outside communications from the Exchange, Bane transmits the transfers to a mobile device and he and his men escape on motorcycles. As the police pursue the crooks, Batman arrives on the scene on his own motorcycle. However, the police lose interest in Bane – who easily gets away – and chase Batman, who is still wanted for the murder of Harvey Dent. Batman retrieves the mobile device from a henchman, then ducks into a dark alley and flies away in the Bat. At the Batcave, Batman analyzes the mobile device and discovers that Bane's stock transfers were executed using Bruce's fingerprints. Alfred chides Bruce for interfering with police business and abruptly quits his job as butler so that he doesn't have to watch when Bruce is likely to be killed by Bane. When Bruce learns he's about to lose control of Wayne Enterprises because of the stock transfers, he convinces Miranda, who sits on the Board of Directors, to take control of the company and destroy the reactor, which, Bruce has learned from Dr. Pavel, can be turned into a nuclear bomb. Now in control of Wayne Enterprises, Miranda meets Bruce at Wayne Manor and the two become intimate. Afterward, as Batman, he gets Selina to lead him to Bane's sewer hideout. Bane reveals he knows Batman's secret identity and the two adversaries engage in an extended fistfight. Despite Batman's superior gadgets and training, Bane beats the superhero with brute strength and breaks the dark knight's back over his knee. The villain then takes the injured Bruce to an underground prison deep in a foreign country. Bane reveals his plan to destroy Gotham City, then come back and kill Bruce. After Bane leaves, Bruce watches as another prisoner dies attempting to escape by scaling the deep pit's circular walls. Back in Gotham, Gordon orders the police into the city sewers to rescue Miranda and Lucius, who have both been kidnapped by Bane. Underground, Bane forces Miranda to turn on the fusion reactor, then has Dr. Pavel turn the machine into a four megaton nuclear bomb. As the police close in on Bane's sewer hideout, Blake discovers that Bane's henchmen have been pouring concrete laced with explosives all over the city. Bane then detonates the explosives, which seals the sewer and traps all the police underground. All but one of the bridges leading out of the city are destroyed, as is the city's football stadium, while most of the residents are there watching a game. Bane announces to the spectators that he is in possession of a nuclear bomb that he will detonate if anybody tries to leave or enter the city. Having taken control of Gotham, Bane releases hundreds of criminals from Blackgate Prison who overrun the streets, taking over the apartments of the richest residents. Bruce watches these events unfold on a television in the prison while a prisoner helps heal his broken back. After a painful treatment, Bruce is finally able to stand again, so he attempts an escape up the steep prison walls, which he fails, but survives. Meanwhile, Gordon and Blake try to locate the nuclear bomb that is in a truck being driven randomly around the city. Bruce continues building up his strength for another escape attempt. On his third try, he is finally able to make the arduous climb out. He makes his way back to Gotham and enlists Selina's aid in defeating Bane. When Gordon finally finds the truck that is carrying the bomb, he is captured by Bane's men and sentenced to death. Before Gordon is killed, however, Batman rescues him as well as the police officers who have been trapped underground for the past month. The next morning, the freed officers fight Bane's army of mercenaries on the city streets. As Batman joins the melee and fights Bane in a rematch, Gordon attempts to re-track the bomb. Although Batman defeats Bane this time, Miranda reveals herself as Talia, the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. She stabs Batman through his costume and presses the trigger that will set off the bomb. However, just in time, Gordon attaches one of Lucius' power-dampening devices to the bomb so that it cannot receive the trigger's signal. Regardless, the bomb is set to automatically detonate in eleven minutes. Miranda leaves to find the bomb just as Selina shows up, shooting Bane with the guns on Batman's motorcycle. Miranda manages to board the bomb truck, but Batman is right behind her in his flying Bat, which he uses to crash the truck. Miranda is killed in the crash and Batman hooks his Bat to the bomb, flying it far out to sea. When the bomb finally detonates over the ocean, it is assumed that Batman has died in the explosion. Gordon, Alfred, Blake and Lucius hold a small funeral service for Bruce just outside Wayne Manor. When Alfred takes a trip to Florence, Italy, he sees Bruce and Selina eating together in a café. The two men nod at each other, but say nothing. Sometime later, Blake returns to Wayne Manor and discovers the Batcave hidden beneath the mansion. 

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: Superhero
Subject Major: Batman (Comic book character)
  Nuclear weapons
  Penal colonies
Subject Minor: Airplanes
  Masked balls
  Police commissioners
  Search and rescue operations
  Stock market
  United States. Central Intelligence Agency

Note: A title card containing the DC Comics logo precedes the film. All onscreen credits, beginning with director Christopher Nolan's, are listed at the end of the film. The end credits also include the written statement, "Filmed on location in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York, Newark, London, Scotland, India, and Cardington," and a "thanks" to Carnegie Mellon University and the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, The Fort, Jodhpur. Appearing after the "thanks" is the following written statement: "This motion picture was shot and finished on film."
       A 12 Jul 2010 DV article reported that actor Michael Caine, while at a then recent premiere of Christopher Nolan's Inception (2010, see entry), leaked that production of The Dark Knight Rises would begin Apr 2011 despite the film not yet receiving an official green light from Warner Bros. Pictures. Nearly a year later, a 13 May 2011 LAT article reported that the production's planned start later that month was being threatened by a conflict between producing partners Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Warner's newly installed movie chief, Jeff Robinov, was reluctant to split a fifty-fifty partnership with Legendary as the two companies had on the previous Batman film, The Dark Knight (2008, see entry). The companies eventually came to an agreement, although the terms could not be determined from research materials at AMPAS library.
       A 29 Dec 2011 LAT article stated that principal photography had ended mid-Nov 2011 after a six-month shoot.
       Production notes at the AMPAS library stated that the opening aerial sequence was filmed over Scotland while many of the film's interiors – including Batman's Bat-Bunker, Bane's sewer hideout and the underground prison to which Batman is confined – were shot in an airship hangar in Cardington, England, which was used for all three films in Nolan's Batman trilogy, according to an 8 Jul 2012 LAT article. Other locations included the exterior of Wayne Manor in Nottingham, England, and the prison exterior in Jodhpur, India. Meanwhile three U.S. cities – Pittsburgh, PA, Los Angeles, CA, and New York City – stood in for Batman's fictional hometown of Gotham City. In Pittsburgh, Heinz Field doubled as Gotham's football stadium with the city's real mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, acting as the kicker for fictional rival team the Rapid City Monuments. In Los Angeles, locations included the L.A. Convention Center, which served as Wayne Enterprises' Applied Science Division; Union Station, which provided the filming site for courtroom scenes; an unidentified building on South Spring Street, which stood in in for the trading floor of Gotham City's stock exchange; and Sony Studios in Culver City, where the Batcave was constructed entirely on Stage 30, along with a 720,000 gallon watertank used for the cave's waterfalls. New York City locations included the Wall Street area, Trump Tower and the Queensboro Bridge. Lastly, the 8 Jul 2012 LAT article noted that a scene with actors Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway was filmed at the Senate House on the University of London campus.
       According to production notes, Nolan shot nearly half of the film using IMAX cameras, praising the format's ability to make the film a more immersive experience for audiences. Also, director of photography Wally Pfister worked with Panavision and IMAX prior to production to build new viewfinders and camera lenses so that he could film better in low light situations.
       According to the 2 Dec 2011 DV, a full eight months before the film's premiere on 20 Jul 2012, the film's opening six-minutes –shot in IMAX – was set to screen at forty-two IMAX theaters in the U.S. on 16 Dec 2011, preceding Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011, see entry). Also prior to the film's theatrical release, a 4 Jul 2012 LAT brief reported that a public screening would be arranged in Williston, VT on 15 Jul since the film contained a cameo by Batman fan U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT); Leahy was set to attend along with Warner Bros. Chief Executive Barry Meyer.
       With advance ticket sales for the film's opening weekend equaling $25 million, a 19 Jul 2012 DV article reported that theater owners were scheduling special late night and early morning screenings to accommodate the film's nearly three-hour runtime.
       At an opening night screening of the film at a multiplex in Aurora, CO, twenty-four-year-old James E. Holmes entered a theater through an emergency exit and opened fire on the audience with a semiautomatic rifle, a handgun and a shotgun, killing twelve people and wounding fifty-nine, as reported by several contemporary sources, including a 21 Jul 2012 LAT article. Holmes was taken into custody by the police immediately after the shooting. It was also noted that the killer had colored his hair red and identified himself to the authorities as "The Joker," the antagonist of 2008's The Dark Knight. In the wake of the massacre, the 23 Jul 2012 DV reported that Warner Bros. cancelled the film's upcoming international premiere events in Paris, France, Mexico and Japan. Additionally, television advertisements for the film were pulled, although whether the advertisements were cancelled by Warner Bros. or the broadcast networks themselves could not be determined as of the writing of this Note.
       According to a 24 Jul 2012 DV news item, Warner Bros. would be making donations to the families of the victims. A 30 Jul 2012 Var article also noted that Warner Bros., along with all other major Hollywood studios, declined to release opening weekend box-office data on the previous Sunday morning, breaking a decades-long tradition, out of respect for the shooting victims. Eventually, Warner Bros. would report that the film grossed $160.9 million in its first weekend, the third best opening weekend for any film to date.
       The Dark Knight Rises was named one of AFI's Movies of the Year. 

Note Credits: Personal note credit: Luke Ravenstahl
  Geographic location: Los Angeles California United States
  Geographic location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
  Geographic location: New York New York United States
  Geographic location: Newark New Jersey United States
  Geographic location: London England
  Geographic location: Cardington England
  Geographic location: India
  Geographic location: Scotland

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