At AFI, we encourage collaboration, character-driven storytelling and excellence in every aspect of the filmmaking process. Our Directors exemplify that and more. The Directors from the Class of 2016 are a passionate group of talented artists committed to their craft. I've seen them grow together as Fellows and filmmakers. I know the kind of hard-working, energetic professionals they are — and now you will, too.

Dean, AFI Conservatory

Welcome to the AFI Conservatory Directing Showcase 2016, an opportunity for the recent Directing graduates to present an enticing sense of their work and pitch themselves to entertainment professionals. You will encounter new voices and fresh talent ripe for the energy of contemporary film, TV, and new media, whose work also displays the perennial virtues of visual storytelling that continue to engage audiences with irresistible power.

Filmmakers will briefly introduce themselves following clips compiled from productions made in this exacting program at the AFI Conservatory. Please join me in recognizing the achievements and enormous promise of these bright young directors who are now primed to embark on their various careers in an increasingly diverse and multifaceted industry.

Senior Filmmaker-in-Residence: Directing