This year's Production Design Showcase illustrates what remarkable work our Fellows have achieved during their time at AFI. In the countless hours spent on sets, in classes and on the soundstage, these artists have deepened their commitment to storytelling. From the most spectacular builds to the smallest details, you will find that our hardworking Fellows demonstrate a true passion for craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration in their art. Join us in celebrating their achievements.

Dean, AFI Conservatory

Welcome to the AFI Conservatory Production Design Showcase. Each year, our first- and second-year Production Design Fellows present the best of their work to professionals, faculty, Fellows, family and friends. This work is compiled from both the classroom, and their cycle and thesis productions, in which these artists have brilliantly turned the written word into narrative imagery. As this guide only begins to introduce you to our Fellows, please take the time to meet them in person at their display stations. Thank you for coming, and supporting the role of the production designer in cinematic storytelling.

Senior Filmmaker-in-Residence: Production Design