BLOCK 12 [Οικóπεδο 12]

The discovery of a rich oil deposit beneath the home of a dysfunctional Cypriot family kicks off an international bidding war in this zany social satire. Newly retired, Costantas and his wife are looking forward to peace and quiet in their golden years, a dream from which they are rudely awakened after their two sons move in, with their wives and children, thanks to the recent economic crisis. Could the crude oil under their land be the answer to all their problems? Jealous neighbors and invasive British speculators contribute to the chaos. Official Selection, 2013 European Film Awards; Special Jury Award, 2013 Cyprus Film Days Film Festival.

DIR/SCR Kyriacos Tofarides; SCR Panos Stathoyiannis; PROD Kyriacos Tofarides. Cyprus/Greece, 2013, color, 94 min. In Greek with English subtitles. NOT RATED S L

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Mon, Dec 9, 9:15; Wed, Dec 11, 9:45

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