THE PRIEST'S CHILDREN [Svećenikova djeca]

A young Catholic priest takes subversive action to enforce the church's position on birth control among his flock, and soon has a baby boom on his hands in Vinko Brešan's acerbic satire, adapted from the scandalously popular stage play by Mate Matišić. New priest Father Fabijan (Krešimir Mikiić) takes charge of the parish on the bucolic Adriatic island of Dnevnik, a location that has seen its population steadily dwindle. After hearing confession from a devout kiosk vendor racked with guilt over selling condoms, Father Fabijan hits upon a solution to both their problems: pierce the prophylactics. Once they enlist a kooky nationalistic pharmacist in their efforts, who fills the local women's prescriptions for birth control pills with placebos, pregnancies skyrocket, and the island gains a reputation as a fertility spa. But all this playing God brings unintended consequences. Official Selection, 2013 Chicago, Karlovy Vary Film Festivals.

DIR/SCR Vinko Brešan; SCR Mate Matišić, from his play; PROD Ivan Maloca. Croatia/Serbia/Serbia and Montenegro, 2013, color, 93 min. In Croatian with English subtitles. NOT RATED S L

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Sat, Dec 7, 3:15; Sun, Dec 8, 8:00

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