MY DOG KILLER [Môj pes Killer]
2013 Oscar Selection, Slovakia

Living on a struggling vineyard on the Slovak-Czech border, 18-year-old skinhead Marek finds solace in the company of his pitbull, Killer. Times are tough and Marek's father is forced to sell their property, but before they can sign the papers, they need a signature from Marek's long-absent mother. Marek is surprised to find her living in town with a new addition: a young half-brother, whose gypsy father has since moved on. Racial and familial tensions weigh heavy on Marek after his skinhead friends find out about the new addition to the family. Mira Fornay's intense drama won the Hivos Tiger Prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Best Director, 2013 Vilnius Film Festival; Official Selection, 2013 Jerusalem, Karlovy Vary and Seattle Film Festivals.

DIR/SCR/PROD Mira Fornay; PROD Juraj Buzalka, Viktor Schwarcz. Slovakia/Czech Republic, 2013, color , 90 min. In Slovak with English subtitles. NOT RATED V L

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Sat, Dec 14, 11:05 a.m.; Mon, Dec 16, 9:10

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