TWO LIVES [Zwei Leben]
2013 Oscar Selection, Germany

1990. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, a flood of information from East Germany makes its way through Europe. Like most Norwegian children fathered by the German occupying troops during WWII, Katrine (Juliane Köhler) was sent to Germany as a child, only able to return to her Norwegian mother, Ase (Liv Ullmann), long after the war's end. Not all the war-children were as lucky–most were never reunited with their parents–and now a German-Norwegian lawyer is building a case against the Norwegian government for its exclusionary policy. Although a victim herself, Katrine fears exposing the darkest secrets of her past.

DIR/SCR Georg Maas, Judith Kaufmann; SCR Christoph Tölle, Ståle Stein Berg, from the novel "Eiszeiten" by Hannelore Hippe; PROD Axel Helgeland, Rudi Teichmann, Dieter Zeppenfeld. Germany/Norway, 2012, color, 97 min. In English, German, Norwegian, Russian, and Danish with English subtitles. NOT RATED V L

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Sun, Dec 15, 8:30; Tue, Dec 17, 5:10; Wed, Dec 18, 9:25

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