ROUTE OF THE MOON [Ruta de la luna]

A delightfully droll road trip through Costa Rica and Panama forces Tito, a 32-year-old recently divorced albino, and César, his macho father, to realize why they never got along in the first place. César trained boxing champions, while Tito would rather spend his time bowling, a sport his father refuses to recognize. Along the way they pick up Yadia, an attractive young woman, who tries to dissolve the mounting tension between father and son but only ends up driving a wedge between them as they both vie for her affections. Writer/director Juan Sebastían Jacome's feature debut creates a realistic portrait of a family in flux and the busted old car that forces them to face their differences.

DIR/SCR Juan Sebastian Jacome; SCR Rocco Melillo; SCR/PROD Irina Caballero; PROD Luis Pacheco. Panama/Ecuador, 2012, color, 75 min, DCP. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED L

No passes accepted.

Sat, Sep 21, 11:15 a.m.; Tue, Sep 24, 5:15

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