Nelson is a middle-aged air force musician leading a lackluster life. His wife just left him and he can't seem to rise above self-described mediocrity. Just when it appears there is no hope, Nelson is awakened by the opportunity to perform in a local music contest. He breaks out his old tape recorder, forms a band and sets his sights on winning. But when Nelson comes up for promotion—a move that would send him to Antarctica the same day as the contest finale—he'll have to choose between his life-long dream and the adventure of the unknown. Best First Film, 2013 Miami Film Festival.

DIR/SCR/PROD Guillermo Rocamora; SCR/PROD Javier Palliero. Uruguay/Argentina/Holland/France, 2013, color, 90 min, DCP. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED L

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Sun, Sep 22, 1:00; Thu, Sep 26, 7:00

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