THE END OF THE WORLD [Um fim do mundo]

Both a celebration of today's youth and a critical portrait of a disenfranchised generation, Pedro Pinho's largely improvised, day-in-the-life chronicle of a group of teenagers skipping school and looking for kicks crackles with cinéma vérité immediacy and the reckless energy of youth. Leaving their blighted Lisbon housing project for the beach, a motley group of boys and girls alternately flirts and fights in the surf and sand. That night, they meet at a club, where the girls get in but the boys don't, testing the group's solidarity and leading to problems. Greatly distinguished by Pinho and Vasco Viana's gorgeous black-and-white cinematography, the look of the film is both contemporary and timeless. Official Selection, 2013 Berlin Film Festival.

DIR Pedro Pinho; PROD Leonor Noivo, Filipa Reis. Portugal, 2013, b&w, 62 min, HDCam. In Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED L

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Sat, Sep 21, 5:00; Wed, Sep 25, 9:40

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