3 [Tres]

Rodolfo is filled with regret. He's divorced and remarried but none the happier. His ex-wife Graciela and his teenage daughter Ana are wary about letting him back into their lives, but Rodolfo is determined to ingratiate himself with them both, thinking up ways to help around the house, eventually camping out on the couch. Complicating matters, Graciela takes up with a man who looks eerily like her ex-husband, only much smarter, and Ana experiences her own first serious relationship. Filmmaker Pablo Stoll Ward (WHISKY, 2005 AFI Latin American Film Festival) crafts a quirky dramedy about three people condemned to the same, absurd fate: being a family. Official Selection, 2012 Cannes, Toronto Film Festivals.

DIR/SCR Pablo Stoll Ward; SCR Gonzalo Delgado Galiana. Uruguay/Argentina/Germany, 2012, color, 119 min, 35mm. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED S L

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Sun, Sep 29, 1:00; Thu, Oct 3, 9:05

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