6/28, 7/1 L'AVVENTURA
7/5 Double Feature: THE SHINING with ROOM 237
7/11-7/17 CHINATOWN
7/18-7/24 THE WARRIORS
7/19 Count Gore Presents: THEM!
7/25-7/26 PURPLE RAIN

Opening June 27 for an exclusive one-week engagement!

Q&A with filmmaker Jeff Krulik on June 27 & 28, at the 7:45 show!

1969. Man lands on the moon. Half a million strong at Woodstock. SESAME STREET makes its debut...and Led Zeppelin perform in the gym of the Wheaton Youth Center on Georgia Avenue in front of 50 confused teenagers. Or did they? Filmmaker Jeff Krulik explores an enduring local legend, which doubles as microcosm of what was happening nationwide as the rock concert industry took shape. Featuring interviews with rock writers, musicians and fans, and several who claim they were there witnessing history that night.

DIR/SCR/PROD Jeff Krulik; PROD John Heyn, Brad Dismukes. US, 2013, color, 81 min, digital presentation. NOT RATED

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No passes accepted.

New 35mm Print!

Michelangelo Antonioni's celebrated, much-debated existential mystery continues to be hailed as one of the great landmarks in art cinema, voted #21 (tied with THE GODFATHER and CONTEMPT) in the 2013 recalculation of BFI's once-a-decade Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time. A group of pleasure-seekers goes on a yachting expedition to a remote Mediterranean island. Vivacious young Anna (Lea Massari) is the mistress of wealthy architect Sandro (Gabriele Ferzetti); her more reserved best friend Claudia (Monica Vitti) accompanies them on the trip, along with two other couples. After exploring the barren island and preparing to return, the group discovers that Anna has mysteriously gone missing. Her disappearance affects each of the individuals differently, inspiring everything from disbelief to indifference to existential dread. As Sandro and Claudia continue to search for Anna, their own standoffish relationship undergoes surprising changes. Jury Prize, 1960 Cannes Film Festival.

DIR/SCR Michelangelo Antonioni; SCR Elio Bartolini, Tonino Guerra; PROD Amato Pennasilico. Italy, 1960, b&w, 143 min, 35mm. In Italian with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Sat, Jun 28, 1:30; Tue, Jul 1, 7:30

75th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig's Farewell!

"Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth." Gary Cooper lends his customary dignity to the story of Yankee Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig, "The Iron Man of Baseball," whose brilliant career — 17 seasons and a streak of 2,130 consecutive games played — only came to an end after he fell ill and was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the disease now commonly known by his name. This screening marks the 75th anniversary of Gehrig's famous farewell speech, delivered on July 4, 1939.

DIR Sam Wood; SCR Jo Swerling, Herman J. Mankiewicz, from a story by Paul Gallico; PROD Samuel Goldwyn. US, 1942, b&w, 128 min, 35mm. NOT RATED

Fri, Jul 4, 5:30

A-MAZE-ing Films!
Co-presented with the "BIG Maze" at the National Building Museum

The word "maze" dates from the 13th century and comes from the Middle English word mæs, denoting delirium or delusion.

Although mazes take many forms, they are typically filled with dead ends and engineered to confuse and challenge. When thinking of mazes in popular culture, two films stand out: Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece, THE SHINING (1980), and Jim Henson's fantasy adventure, LABYRINTH (1986). The mazes in these films function not only as creative design elements but as physical manifestations of psychological distress.

Presented in connection with the National Building Museum's current installation, the "BIG Maze," designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group. Soaring 18 feet high and measuring 61 feet by 61 feet, the structure boasts a series of twists and turns for visitors to weave through and explore.

Double Feature:


"Heeeere's Johnny!" Jack Nicholson suffers from one helluva case of writer's block in Stanley Kubrick's acclaimed adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Nicholson's frustrated writer takes a job as the winter caretaker of the isolated Overlook Hotel, with long-suffering wife Shelley Duvall and introverted young son Danny Lloyd in tow. The family tries to make the best of things at the lonely resort, while Nicholson's sanity is pushed to the breaking point as cabin fever and the denizens of the demonic hotel take control.

DIR/SCR/PROD Stanley Kubrick; SCR Diane Johnson, from the novel by Stephen King. US/UK, 1980, color, 146 min, 35mm. RATED R

Followed by:
ROOM 237

In this documentary, filmmaker Rodney Ascher delves into the symbols and motifs in Stanley Kubrick's historic film, THE SHINING, revealing even more secrets hidden within the story more than 30 years later. A filmmaker as rigorously detailed as Kubrick demands close examination and THE SHINING is a film loaded with oddities that become curiouser and curiouser the farther down the rabbit hole you fall... (Note courtesy of 2013 AFI FEST.)

DIR/SCR Rodney Ascher; PROD Tim Kirk. US, 2012, color, 102 min, DCP. NOT RATED

Tickets $15/$12 AFI Members

No passes accepted.

Sat, July 5, 7:45


"Dance magic, dance!" Jim Henson's visionary fairy tale, the last feature film he would direct, now enjoys a devoted cult following among viewers who grew up on it. Resentful of having to babysit her brother Toby, teenager Jennifer Connelly inadvertently casts him into the hands of Jareth the Goblin King, played with haughty relish by rock icon David Bowie. To rescue Toby before he is permanently transformed into a goblin, Connelly must navigate the many obstacles — and dangerous puppetry — of the Goblin King's labyrinth.

DIR/SCR Jim Henson; SCR Dennis Lee, Terry Jones; PROD Eric Rattray. UK/US, 1986, color, 101 min, 35mm. RATED PG

Fri, Aug 1, 11:45; Sat, Aug 2, 11:45; Sun, Aug 3, 12:20

40th Anniversary!
New DCP!

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown." Roman Polanski's landmark neo-noir combined mastery of the genre's conventions with a 1970s sensibility, even more paranoid and doom-bent than that of the classic era. Investigating the suspicious death of the Los Angeles water commissioner, private eye Jack Nicholson becomes drawn into a mystery that somehow involves both the countryside's struggling citrus farmers and the city's elite, including John Huston and his elegant daughter Faye Dunaway. Eleven Oscar® nominations, the sole win for Robert Towne's screenplay, based on events surrounding the "water war" between LA and the Owens Valley.

DIR Roman Polanski; SCR Robert Towne; PROD Robert Evans. US, 1974, color, 130 min, DCP. RATED R

Fri, Jul 11, 8:00; Sat, Jul 12, 6:15; Mon, Jul 14, 2:30;
Tue, Jul 15, 2:30; Wed, Jul 16, 2:30;
Thu, Jul 17, 2:30, 7:00

35th Anniversary!
New DCP!

"War-riiii-ors! Come out and playyyy!" Walter Hill's cult classic gang fantasy was released 35 years ago, a dystopian vision of near-future New York, one that, like John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981), residents of the time could imagine all too easily. Rival gangs, colorfully and cartoonishly attired (the "Baseball Furies" being a particular fan favorite), attend a summit up in the Bronx. After the leader of the Rogues assassinates the leader of the city's top gang and frames sworn enemies the Warriors for the murder, the Warriors must make their way back through the dangerous labyrinth of the city at night to their base in Coney Island. Can you dig it?

DIR/SCR Walter Hill; SCR David Shaber, from the novel by Sol Yurick; PROD Lawrence Gordon. US, 1979, color, 92 min, DCP. RATED R

Fri, Jul 18, 7:30; Sat, Jul 19, 10:30, 12 midnight;
Mon, Jul 21, 9:50; Thu, Jul 24, 7:15

Count Gore Presents:

This year marks the 60th anniversary of this classic sci-fi thriller from the atomic age. Nuclear bomb tests in the New Mexico desert create giant-sized ants, mutant marauders intent on destroying more than just picnics. With James Arness, James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, Fess Parker and an unbilled Leonard Nimoy.

DIR Gordon Douglas; SCR Ted Sherdeman, Russell S. Hughes, from a story by George Worthing Yates; PROD David Weisbart. US, 1954, b&w, 94 min, 35mm. NOT RATED

Local legend Count Gore De Vol (aka Dick Dyszel) returns from his crypt to host the presentation of this horror classic. In the spirit of Channel 20's original CREATURE FEATURE broadcasts, this special presentation will feature the Count hosting on stage, with interactive intermissions and lots of ghoulish good fun and surprises in store.

Co-presented with the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival (spookyfest.com).

Sat, Jul 19, 7:30

30th Anniversary!
New DCP!

Powered by a landmark Grammy®-winning soundtrack album and an Oscar®-winning score, this film showcases Prince in the prime of his artistry, dazzling with his extraordinary musical ability in this semi-autobiographical tale. Against a crumbling home life and some serious band drama, The Kid (Prince) meets starry-eyed beauty Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero), a newcomer to the Minneapolis music scene. But rival musician Morris (Morris Day) is intent on taking her — and the Kid's rising stardom — away.

DIR/SCR Albert Magnoli; SCR William Blinn; PROD Robert Cavallo, Steven Fargnoli, Joseph Ruffalo. US, 1984, color, 111 min, DCP. RATED R

PURPLE RAIN Costume Contest
Dress to impress at the July 26, 9:45 show!
Prizes will be awarded for:
• Best Prince
• Best Apollonia
• Best '80s Band Member (Revolution, The Time, Modernaire, etc.)

Contest co-sponsored by LoveSexyDC

Fri, Jul 25, 10:00
Sat, Jul 26, 9:45 (with costume contest!)

Celebrate Batman's 75th Anniversary — Batman Day is July 23!

"Why so serious?" Christopher Nolan set the bar high for comic-book superhero movies with this dark, intense and politically resonant action epic. Christian Bale's Batman faces multiple threats to his efforts to maintain law and order in Gotham City, but none more dangerous than the anarchic crime spree orchestrated by the murderously insane Joker (Heath Ledger, giving a powerful performance and posthumously winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar®). With Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

DIR/SCR/PROD Christopher Nolan; SCR Jonathan Nolan, from the story by David S. Goyer and characters by Bob Kane; PROD Charles Roven, Emma Thomas. US/UK, 2008, color, 152 min, 35mm. RATED PG-13

Sat, Jul 26, 6:30


After the major box office success of JAWS, Spielberg had initially wanted to do a smaller-scale story about a man obsessed with an alien encounter, but, opting to go with special effects, the project became enormously complicated — cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond was fired and rehired twice — but ultimately resulted in another groundbreaking success. Richard Dreyfuss witnesses a UFO on an abandoned road and, against the wishes of wife Teri Garr, goes searching for answers. With François Truffaut as a French UFO specialist who leads the effort to communicate with the aliens. Nominated for eight Oscars® — the only winner? Zsigmond for Best Cinematography!

DIR/SCR Steven Spielberg; PROD Julia Phillips, Michael Phillips. US, 1977, color, 137 min, 35mm. RATED PG

Sat, Aug 9, 8:15; Sun, Aug 10, 1:00

End-of-Summer Special!

Your chills will be multiplyin' — the beloved high school romance of good girl Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and bad boy Danny (John Travolta) returns in an interactive sing-along edition, with animated subtitles. This Labor Day weekend, enjoy the last of your "Summer Nights" before heading back to school, and become "Hopelessly Devoted" all over again...

DIR Randal Kleiser; SCR Bronte Woodard, from the musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey; SCR/PROD Allan Carr; PROD Robert Stigwood. US, 1978, color, 110 min, DCP. RATED PG-13

Fri, Aug 29, 7:15

30th Anniversary!
New DCP!

The name of this band is Talking Heads, seen here at the top of their game in director Jonathan Demme's landmark concert film.

DIR/SCR Jonathan Demme; SCR Talking Heads; PROD Gary Goetzman. US, 1984, color, 88 min, DCP. NOT RATED

Fri, Sep 5, 9:30 Sat, Sep 6, 9:00