4/19, 4/21–4/22, 4/24 SORCERER
4/25–4/26, 4/29 THE EXORCIST
5/8–5/11 The 48 Hour Film Project
5/8–5/11 The Best of 2014 48 Hour Film Project
5/9 APP
5/16–5/17, 5/20 REAR WINDOW
5/17–5/18 SABRINA
5/23, 5/26, 5/29 GOLDFINGER
5/30-5/31 CABARET
5/31-6/1 FUNNY GIRL
6/13-6/15, 6/19 JE T'AIME JE T'AIME
6/14, 6/17 BLOW-UP
6/28, 7/1 L'AVVENTURA

In person: filmmaker Mary Fishman; Sister Marge Clark, BVM, NETWORK; and Sister Mary Pat Garvin, RSM, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Leadership Team

In the wake of the Vatican II reforms of the 1960s, which modernized Catholic practice and called on the religious to serve where there is the greatest need, American nuns took it upon themselves to put word into action, coming out of the cloister and engaging with the world. This documentary tells the too-little-told, imperfectly understood story of this remarkable transformation. Profiling a range of forward-thinking, hard-working, innovative and inspiring nuns, sisters on the front lines of issues ranging from low-income housing and health care, immigration reform, alternative medicine, environmentalism and organic farming, not to mention a myriad of social justice campaigns and advocating on behalf of women's role in the church, this engaging film will enlighten the mind and move the heart.

DIR/PROD Mary Fishman. US, 2012, color/b&w, 88 min. NOT RATED

Fri, Apr 11, 7:15

Washington, DC-area exclusive!

Official Selection, 2014 SXSW

A music documentary following the breakup of Swedish House Mafia and their subsequent One Last Tour. The largest electronic tour in history, it sold more than 1 million tickets in one week. Director Christian Larson captures the band in a unique fly-on-the-wall manner as they call it quits and seek closure by going on the tour they had always dreamed of. With breathtaking live moments, huge laughs and dark lows, the band starts to unravel why they came to the decision to end the biggest achievement of their lives to date to save their friendship. The film maps out three of the biggest stars in a scene which has gripped youth the world over and the psychology of the band. A film not to be missed. (Note courtesy SXSW)

DIR Christian Larson; PROD Svana Gisla. UK/US, 2014, color, 95 min, Blu-ray. NOT RATED

Official website

No passes accepted.

Fri, Apr 11, 8:45; Mon, Apr 14, 8:45

Washington, DC-area exclusive!

Five captivating stories...one spellbinding voice. This unique cinema event marks the return of Goldfrapp, one of music's most breathtaking and critically acclaimed artists. A never-before-seen film inspired by the remarkable new album, followed by an intimate performance exclusively for cinema audiences, results in a stunning state-of-the-art audio and visual cinema experience.

DIR/SCR/PROD Lisa Gunning; PROD Stephanie Zari. UK, 2014, color, 90 min, Blu-ray. NOT RATED

Official website

No passes accepted.

Tue, Apr 15, 8:45; Thu, Apr 17, 8:45

Record Store Day is Apr. 19!

"A humdinger of a movie with real heart and soul." –Mark Kermode, The Observer (Top 10 of 2013)

"Yeah. I said it: GOOD VIBRATIONS is the best and truest film about punk music and culture since Michael Winterbottom's critically acclaimed look at early '80s Manchester, 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE." –J Hurtado, Twitch

Richard Dormer gives a galvanizing and charismatic performance as Belfast punk godfather Terri Hooley, a reggae-loving hippie who becomes an enthusiastic convert to punk rock after an energetic underground show by Belfast band Rudi. Having already opened the Good Vibrations record shop on one of the most dangerous streets in Belfast, Hooley doubles down and starts a record label of the same name, releasing singles by Rudi, The Outcasts and eventually the Derry wonderboys The Undertones, a favorite of legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Opening Night film, 2012 Belfast and Karlovy Vary Film Festivals; Best Irish Film, Galway Film Fleadh.

DIR Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn; SCR Colin Carberry, Glenn Patterson; PROD Chris Martin, Andrew Eaton, David Holmes, Bruno Charlesworth. UK/Ireland, 2012, color, 102 min, DCP. NOT RATED

Fri, Apr 18, 7:30; Sat, Apr 19, 9:30

New 4K DCP!

Filmmaker William Friedkin followed THE EXORCIST with this gripping thriller based on the same source novel that inspired the French classic THE WAGES OF FEAR. Friedkin ratchets up the tension in this story about four stateless outlaws (Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal and Amidou) hauling explosives over 200 miles of dangerous South American road in the hopes of gaining citizenship and a cool $10,000. Score by pioneering electronic/krautrock outfit Tangerine Dream.

DIR/PROD William Friedkin; SCR Walon Green, from "The Wages of Fear" by Georges Arnaud. US, 1977, color, 121 min, DCP. RATED PG

Sat, Apr 19, 1:00; Mon, Apr 21, 9:30; Tue, Apr 22, 9:30;
Thu, Apr 24, 9:30


This bold interpretation of the hit rock opera and Broadway smash from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber is the story of Christ's (Ted Neeley) final weeks, told entirely in a series of dazzling songs, images and music. Nominated for the Best Original Song Score or Adaptation Score Academy Award, producer/director Norman Jewison (FIDDLER ON THE ROOF) creates a brilliant example of groundbreaking vision and unforgettable songs shot entirely on location in Israel.

DIR/SCR/PROD Norman Jewison; SCR Melvyn Bragg, Tim Rice, from the rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Rice; PROD Robert Stigwood. US, 1973, color, 108 min, DCP. RATED G

Sat, Apr 19, 7:00; Sun, Apr 20, 6:15

New 2K DCP!
#3 on AFI 100 Years...100 Thrills

Forty years after it was made, this Oscar-winning classic remains one of the scariest movies ever to darken the silver screen. When her daughter (a split-pea soup spewing Linda Blair) starts to exhibit some demonic behavior, Georgetown mother (Ellen Burstyn) is forced to turn to a young priest for advice. His diagnosis: demonic possession. The cure: an exorcism, performed by Father Merrin (Max von Sydow). AFI Silver presents the "Version You've Never Seen," the 2000 re-issue including the famous "spider walk" sequence.

DIR William Friedkin, SCR/PROD William Peter Blatty, from his book. US, 1973, color, 122 min, DCP. RATED R

Fri, Apr 25, 10:00; Sat, Apr 26, 9:45; Tue, Apr 29, 9:00

New 2K DCP!
60th Anniversary!

With Gareth Edwards' new Godzilla film rising up and stomping out in May, take a look back at the original sci-fi classic. For years, GODZILLA was only available in the U.S. in a comically dubbed and re-cut version. For the film's 50th anniversary re-release in 2004, Rialto Pictures restored 40 minutes of original footage, reestablishing the film's original vision as a dark comment on postwar Japan and 1950s nuclear anxiety.

DIR/SCR Ishirô Honda; SCR Shigeru Kayama, Takeo Murata; PROD Tomoyuki Tanaka. Japan, 1954, b&w, 96 min, DCP. In Japanese with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Fri, May 2, 7:00; Sat, May 3, 11:00 a.m., 5:00, 10:45;
Sun, May 4, 3:15; Tue, May 6, 9:20

The 48 Hour Film Project

A competition for do-it-yourself filmmakers: they're given a genre, a prop, a character and a line of dialogue. The rest is up to them! AFI Silver welcomes back the 13th edition of the wildly popular 48 Hour Film Project, with this year's Washington, DC-area films screening May 8 through 11, followed by the "Best Of" 2014 screenings on May 30.

Each screening of the 48 Hour Film Project is different, featuring a unique program of films. For individual show schedules and information about the 48 Hour Film Project, visit 48hourfilm.com.

Shows tend to sell out; tickets go on sale May 5.

No passes accepted.

Thu, May 8, 7:00, 9:30; Fri, May 9, 7:30, 9:45;
Sat, May 10, 7:30, 9:45; Sun, May 11, 5:00, 7:30

The Best of 2014 48 Hour Film Project


No passes accepted.

Fri, May 30, 9:15

For the interactive theatrical experience, download the app, "App the Movie."

It's not just an app, it's terror in the palm of your hands. After a night of partying hard, college student Anna wakes up to find a new app downloaded on her phone, IRIS, a Siri-like assistant. While at first the app seems helpful, it soon becomes clear it has more sinister motives. From sending scandalous texts to hacking into other systems, this app can't simply be deleted. The first film to use second-screen technology, audience members with smartphones can download the movie's interactive IRIS app themselves—if they dare!—and play along during the movie (we'll make an exception this one time –the AFI Silver management).

DIR Bobby Boermans; SCR Robert Arthur Jansen; PROD Kees Abrahams, Robin de Levita, Edvard van 't Wout. Netherlands, 2013, color, 80 min, digital presentation. In Dutch with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Fri, May 9, 9:30

60th Anniversary!

Perhaps Hitchcock's most suspenseful film, masterful in its visual storytelling, with James Stewart giving one of his best performances of the 1950s. Having broken his leg on assignment, Stewart's globetrotting photojournalist is laid up in his Manhattan apartment and bored stiff. Despite admonitions from his glamorous girlfriend Grace Kelly, his favorite diversion is to spy on his neighbors, framed screen-like in their windows across the courtyard from his. But when one half of a constantly bickering couple mysteriously disappears, Stewart suspects he may be witness to a murder.

DIR/SCR/PROD Alfred Hitchcock; SCR John Michael Hayes, from Cornell Woolrich's short story "It Had to Be Murder." US, 1954, color, 112 min, DCP. NOT RATED

Fri, May 16, 7:20; Sat, May 17, 1:30, 10:20;
Tue, May 20, 9:45

60th Anniversary!

Audrey Hepburn sparkles in the title role as the chauffeur's daughter who pines in secret for her father's employer's son, playboy William Holden. She's packed off to Paris to forget her heartbreak and returns a fashionable woman of the world—and Holden takes notice. So, too, does his older brother, Humphrey Bogart, who intends for his kid brother to make a good marriage with a wealthy heiress. Running interference, Bogie steps out with Sabrina himself—and into a comic love triangle.

DIR/SCR/PROD Billy Wilder; SCR Samuel A. Taylor, Ernest Lehman, from Taylor's play "Sabrina Fair." US, 1954, b&w, 113 min, DCP. NOT RATED

Sat, May 17, 8:00; Sun, May 18, 7:35

Free screening!

May 17 marks the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, which struck down segregation in the classroom and was a major victory for the Civil Rights movement. AFI Founding Director George Stevens, Jr., wrote, directed and produced the 1991 Emmy-award-winning account of this historic chapter in America's history. Sidney Poitier gives a commanding performance as NAACP Chief Counsel Thurgood Marshall, arguing the case all the way to the Supreme Court, presided over by Chief Justice Earl Warren (Richard Kiley) and against the formidable defense of legal heavyweight, and one-time Democratic Presidential nominee, John W. Davis (Burt Lancaster).

DIR/SCR/PROD George Stevens, Jr.; PROD Stan Margulies. US, 1991, color, 191 min. NOT RATED

Admission is FREE!
Tickets will be available on the day of the show; limit four per person. The box office opens 30 minutes before the first show of the day.

Sun, May 18, 4:00

50th Anniversary!

One of the most iconic of the James Bond films, influencing future installments with its punning, wickedly sardonic dialogue; John Barry's chart-topping soundtrack, featuring Shirley Bassey's classic theme song; the first appearance of the tricked-out Aston Martin; Gert Fröbe's colorfully mad titular villain; Harold Sakata's sharp-dressed henchman, Oddjob; and Honor Blackman, a vet of TV's THE AVENGERS, as aviatrix Pussy Galore, perhaps the most memorable name in the entire series. Sean Connery stars as Bond.

DIR Guy Hamilton; SCR Richard Maibaum, Paul Dehn, from the novel by Ian Fleming; PROD Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman. UK, 1964, color, 110 min, DCP. RATED PG

Fri, May 23, 7:00; Mon, May 26, 9:15; Thu, May 29, 7:00

40th Anniversary!
#32 on AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition)!

Eleven Oscar nominations and six wins, including Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay and Supporting Actor for Robert De Niro as the young Don Vito Corleone. The Don establishes his family's place in the rough-and-tumble immigrant ghetto of old New York through a mix of savagery and smarts. The Corleones' rise is eloquently crosscut with their fall, as new Don Al Pacino suffers crushing setbacks and familial disintegration.

DIR/SCR/PROD Francis Ford Coppola; SCR Mario Puzo, from his novel. US, 1974, color, 200 min, DCP. In English, Italian and Latin with English subtitles. RATED R

Sat, May 24, 8:30; Sun, May 25, 3:00

#5 on AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals
#63 on 100 Years...100 Movies

"Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!" With the must-anticipated Broadway revival of John Kander and Fred Ebb's "Cabaret" opening this spring, it's the perfect time to take a look back at Bob Fosse's landmark 1972 film version. In 1931 Berlin, American expat Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) works at the decadent Kit Kat Klub alongside the outrageous, androgynous emcee (Joel Grey). There she meets a young British writer (Michael York) and a tortured romance ensues. Winner of eight Oscars, including Best Actress (Minnelli), Supporting Actor (Grey) and Director—famously trumping Francis Ford Coppola and Best Picture winner THE GODFATHER that year.

DIR Bob Fosse; SCR Jay Presson Allen, from the musical (book) by Joe Masteroff, from the play by John Van Druten, from the book "The Berlin Stories" by Christopher Isherwood; PROD Cy Feuer. US, 1972, color, 124 min. In English, German, Hebrew and French with English subtitles. RATED PG

Fri, May 30, 7:00; Sat, May 31, 8:45

New DCP!
#16 on AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals
#41 on AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions
#13 and #46 on AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs
#81 on AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes

"Hello, gorgeous." Barbra Streisand took home the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of legendary Jazz Age vaudevillian Fanny Brice in the 1968 film version of the Broadway musical smash, which opened in 1964 and featured the young Streisand's star-making performance. With Walter Pidgeon as entertainment impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, Omar Sharif as her gambling husband Nicky Arnstein and Kay Medford as her mother Rose. Beloved for Streisand staples "People" and "Don't Rain on My Parade," plus "If a Girl Isn't Pretty," "I'm the Greatest Star," and Brice signatures "My Man" and "I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (Than Happy With Somebody Else)."

DIR William Wyler; SCR Isobel Lennart, from her book for the stage musical; PROD Ray Stark. US, 1968, color, 151 min, DCP. RATED G

Sat, May 31; Sun, Jun 1, 3:30

Takoma Park Jazz Festival is June 8!

In the 1930s and '40s, while men ruled the world of jazz, a sassy bunch of instrumentalists formed sensational All-Girl Bands and defied the odds in their field, all for the love of the music. This poignant documentary tells the untold story of these amazing musicians who persevered in the face of sexism and racism and inspired a whole new generation of musicians. Judy Chaikin's elegant film is filled with incredible archival performance footage and interviews with unsung heroes and jazz legends. "Everything a worthwhile documentary should be, and then some: engaging, informative, thorough and brimming with delightful characters." –Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times.

DIR/SCR/PROD Judy Chaikin; SCR Edward Osei-Gyimah; PROD Nancy Kissock. US, 2013, color, 81 min, DCP. NOT RATED

Fri, Jun 6, 7:15

In Memoriam Alain Resnais 1922–2014

New 35mm Print!

"A magnificent film! In JE T'AIME JE T'AIME, Claude's journeys into the past resemble nothing less than memory—fragmented, inconstant, taunting, joyous and heartbreaking. We are, the movie reminds us, what we remember, with a consciousness built from reminiscences that flicker, fade and repeat, flicker, fade and repeat. It's no wonder that movies enthrall us! Cinema is a time machine, and, as he has long proved, from LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD to MURIEL and beyond, Mr. Resnais is its ultimate time traveler." –Manohla Dargis, New York Times

"A masterpiece...You can see why Michel Gondry cited this as a major influence on his sci-fi romance, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, though Resnais' effects are even more gloriously handmade...Few films make you feel like the protagonist's destiny hangs on every edit." –Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York

A cult classic from French New Wave auteur Alain Resnais, which, unlike his landmark mindbenders LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD and HIROSHIMA, MON AMOUR, has long been nearly impossible to see in the U.S. Heartbroken and having recently attempted suicide, Claude Rich (Best Actor, 1968 San Sebastian Film Festival) volunteers to take part in a time travel experiment conducted by a shadowy corporation. They need a human guinea pig—the previous trial's mouse came back ok!—and Rich wants to revisit a particular moment from his past for his own personal reasons. However, locating fixed points in time turns out to be more difficult than expected, which, when combined with the slipperiness of the subject's memory of past events, creates unusual side effects for Rich: a glitchy re-experiencing of scenes from his past, hallucinatory hiccups of surreal variations of what really happened. Music by Krzysztof Penderecki.

DIR Alain Resnais; SCR Jacques Sternberg; PROD Mag Bodard. France, 1968, color, 91 min, 35mm. In French and Dutch with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Fri, Jun 13, 9:45; Sat, Jun 14, 10:30; Sun, Jun 15, 9:15

60th Anniversary!

A dazzling example of frame-filling CinemaScope mastery! Frontierswoman Jane Powell falls for backwoodsman Howard Keel, even if he still needs a little civilizing. But his six brothers really need work, having aped their eldest brother's example by kidnapping six prospective brides! Five Oscar nominations, including a win for the Gene de Paul/Johnny Mercer score, but it's the vigorous dance numbers, choreographed by Michael Kidd, that give the picture great vitality. The "Barnraising Ballet" is one of the greatest dance sequences ever put on screen.

DIR Stanley Donen; SCR Albert Hackett, Frances Goodrich, Dorothy Kingsley; PROD Jack Cummings. US, 1954, color, 102 min, 35mm. RATED G

Sat, Jun 14, 1:05; Tue, Jun 17, 7:15


BLOW-UP brought the art film to the masses, broke the nudity barrier, captured the Mod look of 1960s "Swinging London" and influenced major studio movies and independent cinema for years to come. Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni's first foray into English-language film accomplishes the sublime irony of being both a pop culture classic and a subtly pointed indictment of youth's fecklessness. David Hemmings as the jaded fashion photographer became a '60s icon, but never found another role to match. Co-starring Vanessa Redgrave. Famously loved, hated and debated (critic Pauline Kael was among its detractors), the film undeniably retains its power to provoke, challenge and inspire.

DIR/SCR Michelangelo Antonioni; SCR Tonino Guerra, with English dialogue by Edward Bond; PROD Carlo Ponti. UK/Italy/US, 1966, color, 111 min, 35mm. NOT RATED

Tue, Jun 24, 9:10; Wed, Jun 25, 9:10; Thu, Jun 26, 9:10;
Sat, Jun 28, 9:30; Mon, Jun 30, 9:30

New 35mm Print!

Michelangelo Antonioni's celebrated, much-debated existential mystery continues to be hailed as one of the great landmarks in art cinema, voted #21 (tied with THE GODFATHER and CONTEMPT) in the 2013 recalculation of BFI's once-a-decade Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time. A group of pleasure-seekers goes on a yachting expedition to a remote Mediterranean island. Vivacious young Anna (Lea Massari) is the mistress of wealthy architect Sandro (Gabriele Ferzetti); her more reserved best friend Claudia (Monica Vitti) accompanies them on the trip, along with two other couples. After exploring the barren island and preparing to return, the group discovers that Anna has mysteriously gone missing. Her disappearance affects each of the individuals differently, inspiring everything from disbelief to indifference to existential dread. As Sandro and Claudia continue to search for Anna, their own standoffish relationship undergoes surprising changes. Jury Prize, 1960 Cannes Film Festival.

DIR/SCR Michelangelo Antonioni; SCR Elio Bartolini, Tonino Guerra; PROD Amato Pennasilico. Italy, 1960, b&w, 143 min, 35mm. In Italian with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Sat, Jun 28, 1:30; Tue, Jul 1, 7:30