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Over the past 40 years, AFI has brought filmmakers and film lovers together for exciting conversations celebrating the art of cinema. Until now, unless you lived in Los Angeles or near the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland, you may have missed out on these important events. Now, with a click of a button, you can experience AFI's content anywhere in the world.

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Program Title
AFI FEST THE HOLE – Director Joe Dante and cinematographer Theo van de Sande discuss THE HOLE.
Moderated by Jacqueline Lyanga.
AFI Conservatory Robert Boyle: Part II – Production designer Robert Boyle speaks with Fellows at the AFI Conservatory in Hollywood.
AFI Conservatory Robert Boyle: Part I – Production designer Robert Boyle speaks with Fellows at the AFI Conservatory in Hollywood.
AFI FEST WOMAN WITHOUT PIANO – Director Javier Rebollo screens WOMAN WITHOUT PIANO at AFI Fest 2009.
Moderated by Robert Koehler.
AFI FEST THE LOVED ONES – Director Sean Byrne screens THE LOVED ONES at AFI Fest 2009.
Moderated by Matt Bolish.
AFI FEST WAKE IN FRIGHT – Director Ted Kotcheff screens WAKE IN FRIGHT at AFI Fest 2009.
Moderated by Jacqueline Lyanga.
AFI FEST THE SILENT ARMY – Director Jean van de Velde and cinematographer Theo van de Sande screen THE SILENT ARMY at AFI Fest 2009.
Moderated by Robert Koehler.
AFI FEST SWEET RUSH – Actor Pawel Szajda discusses SWEET RUSH at AFI Fest 2009.
Moderated by Robert Koehler.
AFI FEST IN THE ATTIC – Director Jiri Barta screens IN THE ATTIC at AFI Fest 2009.
Moderated by Matt Bolish
Cinema's Legacy DR. ZHIVAGO – Director Brad Bird screens DR. ZHIVAGO.
Moderated by John Anderson
AFI Master Seminars John Hughes: Part II – Writer/director/producer John Hughes answers questions from AFI Fellows.
AFI Master Seminars John Hughes: Part I – Writer/director/producer John Hughes discusses his first few years making movies.
Directors Screenings FUNNY PEOPLE – Discussed with writer/director/producer Judd Apatow.
Moderated by Ben Lyons.
Directors Screenings WANTED – Discussed with co-screenwriter Michael Brandt.
Moderated by Variety film critic Justin Chang
Directors Screenings THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES – Discussed with writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood and Producer Joe Pichirallo.
Jacqueline Lyanga moderates.
AFI Awards FROZEN RIVER – Discussed with actors Melissa Leo and Misty Upham.
Ella Taylor moderates.
AFI Awards THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON – Discussed with screenwriter Eric Roth.
Robert Koehler moderates.
AFI Awards FROST/NIXON – Discussed with director Ron Howard.
Variety editor Tim Gray moderates.
AFI Awards MILK – Discussed with director Gus van Sant, actor Josh Brolin, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and composer Danny Elfman.
Peter Hammond moderates.
AFI Awards WALL-E – Discussed with writer/director Andrew Stanton and actor Jeff Garlin.
Ella Taylor moderates.
Directors Screenings MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA – Discussed with actors Derek Luke, Laz Alonzo, Michael Ealy and Omar Benson Miller.
Moderated by Jacqueline Lyanga.
AFI 100 Years... Screening Series THE DEFIANT ONES – Discussed with Karen Kramer to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the film.
Moderated by Jacqueline Lyanga.
Directors Screenings CHOKE – Discussed with writer/director/actor Clark Gregg and actor Brad William Henke.
Moderated by David Poland
Directors Screenings THE FLY – Discussed with David Cronenberg and Howard Shore.
Moderated by Variety's Steven Gaydos
AFI 100 Years...Screening Series FAME – Discussed by Debbie Allen.
Music Documentary Series RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: UNTITLED DOCUMENTARY – Discussed by director David Hausen.
Music Documentary Series PETER TOSH: STEPPING RAZOR: RED X – Discussed by producer Wayne Jobson and world reggae authority Roger Steffens.
Directors Screenings SNOW ANGELS – Discussed by director David Gordon Green.
Music Documentary Series CACHAO: UNO MAS – Discussed by producers Andy Garcia and Steve Ujlaki.
Directors Screenings SON OF RAMBOW – Writer/director Garth Jennings and producer Nick Goldsmith.
Music Documentary Series JOY DIVISION – Discussed by band manager Tom Atencio.
Directors Screenings FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL – Discussed by director Nick Stoller and writer/actor Jason Segel.
Music Documentary Series [email protected] – Discussed by director Stephen Walker.
Music Documentary Series GLASS: A PORTRAIT OF PHILIP IN TWELVE PARTS – Discussed by director Scott Hicks.
Directors Screenings LUST, CAUTION – Q&A with Ang Lee.
Cinema's Legacy THE LANDLORD – Q&A with John Singleton.
Cinema's Legacy ELECTION – Q&A with Jason Reitman.
Directors Screenings GONE BABY GONE – Q&A with Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck and Amy Ryan.
AFI On Screen EASTERN PROMISES – Q&A with David Cronenberg.
AFI On Screen SWEENEY TODD – Q&A with Tim Burton.
AFI On Screen EASTERN PROMISES – Q&A with Viggo Mortensen.
AFI On Screen THE WALKER – Q&A with Paul Schrader.
Silver Theatre Special Screening INLAND EMPIRE – AUDIO – Q&A with David Lynch.
Silver Theatre Special Screening BLOOD DIAMOND – AUDIO – Q&A with Ed Zwick.
Directors Screenings LOVERBOY – Q&A with Kevin Bacon and Dominic Scott Kay.
Directors Screenings THE VALET – Q&A with Francis Veber.
AFI AWARDS HALF NELSON – Q&A with Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden, Lynette Howell and Shareeka Epps.
AFI AWARDS INSIDE MAN – Q&A with Brian Grazer.
AFI AWARDS UNITED 93 – Q&A with Christian Clemenson and Trish Gates.
Music Documentary Series METAL: A HEADBANGER'S JOURNEY – Q&A with Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen.
Directors Screenings WAH-WAH – Q&A with Richard E. Grant and Steve Martin.
Directors Screenings ONCE IN A LIFETIME: THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF THE NEW YORK COSMOS – Q&A with Paul Crowder and John Battsek.
Directors Screenings LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE – Q&A: Greg Kinnear, David Friendly and Marc Turtletaub.
Directors Screenings STRANGERS WITH CANDY – Q&A with Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris.
Uncensored Documentary Series THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO – Q&A with Amnesty International, Jumana Musa and Eric Sears.
AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch talk docs...
2006 Charles Guggenheim Symposium.
AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs The Future Of Real: E-Media, I-Media, What Media, Whose Media?
AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs The Distribution Revolution With Peter Broderick.